Why You Need Motivation Today

Motivation isn’t just a nice idea; it is a real part of what keeps everyone reaching their goals on a daily basis. However, the level of motivation between people can vary drastically. Everyone knows someone who is highly motivated and seems to constantly be succeeding and growing. Most people also know someone that is just getting by, failing to use their skills and talents despite wanting to succeed deep down.

The difference is not in capability or capacity between the two individuals; it is all in the level of motivation. The good news is that motivation is partially an intrinsic skill that can be taught and mastered. Anyone can learn to tap into their own motivation and sources of inspiration to achieve their goals and fulfill their dreams.

To take a closer look at why it is important to learn to harness the power of motivation, let’s examine the changes that occur when inspiration is present. This is why you need motivation today.


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focus-on-being-positiveFocus on the Positive

Truly motivated people don’t dwell on mistakes or spend emotional and mental energy on the endless cycle of “what ifs.” They make a decision based on information, understanding and best judgment and then move forward with their choice. However, they are also able to adjust, redirect and refocus rather than getting bogged down. They choose to learn from their failures and turn their negatives into positives.


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Self-Satisfied and Directed

When people are motivated, they aren’t constantly seeking the approval of others. They are able to recognize their own successes by meeting personal goals and objectives. As they are not entrenched in someone else’s version of success, they are independent but also great at working as a team and sharing recognition.

Just as motivation provides self-satisfaction, it also allows an individual to be self-directed. These people don’t wait for a manager or a supervisor to suggest a change; they actively seek assistance, training or the use of new ideas to get the job done.


challenge-changeConfident in Accepting Challenges

People that are inspired to achieve specific goals don’t see roadblocks or crisis situations when their pathway may seem to have an obstacle. Instead, they use creativity and problem solving to work around the challenge, using alternative options to achieve the same goal. They are not defeated by a challenge.


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Motivational Leadership 3.0 – How To Be A Motivational Leader

Motivational Leadership 3.0


There are a lot of expectations placed on business leaders today. It can seem overwhelming to try to keep up with all of the tasks, demands, and routines of a corporate leadership job. With so many tasks and activities on your plate, it can be easy to forget the most important role that any leader has to for an organization, and this is the role of providing inspiration and motivation.


There is more to being a motivational leader is more than just checking off a list of boxes on the “good boss” checklist. It is a way of thinking and of approaching the people that are the face and the voice of the company and the brand. Being a great motivational leader means you instill in others a sense of pride and accomplishment rather than just tell them to do this or that. This type of leader builds a team that is trusting and positions them for success. Motivational leaders inspire employees to strive for the best rather than help employees just barely get by.




Create a Vision

As a leader, create a vision of what a motivated and inspired workplace would look like. Would it be people working in collaborative teams with each person contributing based on their personal strengths and talents? Or maybe your team of people should make suggestions and perform problem-solving tasks to do things better, more effectively and more efficiently?


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Once you create a vision, you can strategize and re-engineer the steps to get there. Do employees need training, motivational speakers, a voice at the table or do they need to be recognized for their skills and talents?


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Not Money

A very important factor in motivational leadership is to understand the limited power of money to motivate people. This is why rewards and incentives purely in monetary form are typically earned by the same small number of people over and over. These are the people that are motivated by a bonus or an additional check, they are eternally motivated.


9-areas-of-focus-to-improve-motivation-infographicOther people may be motivated by recognition, by promotions, by opportunities or by flexibility in their job. Learning what motivates each employee and structuring programs that capture this personal motivation is always the most effective option.


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To be a great motivated leader you have to be passionate and inspired by what you do. Motivated leaders continue to learn, grow and to develop the skills that continue to inspire those they surround themselves with.


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Becoming a motivational leader starts with learning how to tap into your personal motivation and the motivation of others. To learn more about how to be a motivational leader visit www.DougDvorak.com.


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Are You a Motivational MVP – Most Vital Player?

Being a Motivational MVP – Most Vital Player is a tough but rewarding position.

Ask yourself, are you a motivated person? If not, you have work to do to become a Motivational MVP so read on. If you are a motivated person, you always know there is more to learn about how you can become an MVP.

The Super Bowl, The Word Series, The Stanley Cup and The NBA Finals each of these famous and storied sports competitions elects an MVP – Most Valuable Player.  The one chosen demonstrates stellar sporting abilities and team leadership skill and is highly motivated to WIN!

Are you motivated to succeed and WIN in life and business?  Being your own MVP – Most Vital Player and taking your “Game” to the next level will deliver results in all areas of your life.  Here are 3 steps to live and practice daily to become and maintain MVP Status.


  • What’s the Goal?What's Your Goal?

What area of your life do you want to impact and change? There are really only 4 areas to focus on for a well-lived life. Personal, professional, family and spiritual.  Ask yourself where do you want to affect positive change?

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“Plan Your Motivational Work and Work Your Motivational Plan”.


A ship on the high seas without a rudder is directionless.  Having a motivational attitude without a detailed plan of action can keep you “rudderless” and moving in the wrong direction. Plan as intensely to achieve your daily, weekly, monthly and yearly goals.  Hold yourself accountable and realize and recognize that there will be both positive and negative outcomes if you achieve or don’t achieve your goals. Because remember, talk without action is just wind.


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  • Monitor and keep track of your progress.

There is an age old adage in the motivation game that states, “If it can’t be measured, it can’t be managed or tracked”.  Keep a daily motivation journal.  Write down your progress, wins, and losses.  Hold yourself accountable for your own success.


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If you personally commit to incorporating these 3 time-tested and proved motivational strategies, you will be your own MVP – Most Vital Player.


Carpe Diem!


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How Motivated People Lead

Learning how motivated people lead can be a key turning point in your life and career. When leaders in any department, organization, office or group are motivated, that motivation and inspiration can play an incredibly important role in boosting the success for the entire staff.

For employees, there is almost nothing that can be more influential and impactful than a motivated leader that brings very positive experience to each employee/’s life. This inspiration and motivation helps to improve employee self-esteem, productivity and ultimately improves your bottom line. Through specific strategies, the leaders can delegate authority, support initiatives, and creativity, and develop a true sense of team and personal contribution in the workplace. As employees feel empowered they become more internally motivated to succeed, which is a positive and sustainable way for you, your employees and your organization to continue to grow, develop and experience success.

Motivated leaders use several different techniques to develop a culture of teamwork, success, and inspiration. They also use their personal ability to communicate with others to continue to motivate.

Leaders Recognize Positivity and EffortSuccess-is-Dependent-on-Effort

Identifying the outcome is easy, that is often done as a quantitative type of reward system. Recognizing individual effort and change may be more of a challenge. A leader needs to see improvements and understand that recognizing and acknowledging steps in making changes is essential to keep people motivated. Change is not easy for everyone, but when efforts to change are acknowledged, it builds in motivation.

Leaders Making Time for Every Individual

lost-and-found-indvidualA business, department, group or organization is a whole, but it is the people that make up the whole that are the essential elements of success.  An effective leader will take the time to get to know what motivates, drives and inspires each employee. This allows the team leader to connect with individuals in a meaningful and relevant way.

Leaders Stay Humble & Develop a Sense of Personal Importance.

stay-humble-quoteIt can be easy for an employee to lose sight of the important role he or she plays in your business. Top leaders always focus on team “wins” while also highlighting the important contributions each individual makes in that success.

When people understand what they do is valued, relevant and contributes to the betterment of the organization and people within it, they are motivated to do their best. They are also more likely to look for ways to become more effective and efficient, which can lead to creative ways to grow and develop for both the person and the team.

Leadership provides opportunities to motivate, inspire and open up a business or organization with growth potential. When you discuss the fundamentals of how motivated people learn you can see that the process is clear-cut, however, implementing the process and sticking with it as if it were a habit is the tough part. Learn how to develop and Adopt Succesful Habits in Order to Succeed.


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Top 5 Motivational Quotes by Pitbull

Top 5 Motivational Quotes by Pitbull


Pitbull, also known by “Mr. Worldwide” is an extremely talented music artist. He has worked with countless famous musicians throughout his seemingly ever-expanding career including Justin Timberlake, Jennifer Lopez, Lil John and many others. Outside of music he has been on T.V. shows, in films, and even featured in video games. Pitbull certainly knows how to keep himself motivated, focused and humble. Here are the top 5 motivational quotes by Pitbull of all time to help you keep your motivational juices flowing, enjoy!

  1. “I’m taking all the negatives in my life, and turning them into a positive.”

  2. “If you continue to work hard, let that be the fuel to your fire.”

  3. “When I get in the studio the idea is just to work and bang out as many as I can.”

  4. “I don’t understand the word lose, I only understand the word learn.”

  5. “Life is to live it, not to let it live you.”



Here are some more motivational quotes to keep you going.


Doug Dvorak,

Motivational Speaker