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Why You Need a Tough Minded Attitude in Tough Times

Many people think that they are encountering tough times because they think many of the things in life are not going their way. They seem to be frustrated and suffer from various intensities of depression. If you are one such person who is having a very tough time, then you need to take a deeper look inside you. You should consider whether you are doing what you do just to satisfy others. You must try to figure out who you are and what you need. Then you have to make choices accordingly and follow your own path. You need to meditate and explore your inner self for this. But there are people to help you out with this problem. One of them is a motivational humorous speaker whose job is to talk so hilariously that he will make you look inside you and identify those qualities which you think are likable.

If you are funny, intelligent, sincere or generous you will surely identify these plus points. Through his jokes you will be able to focus on the positive aspects of life. You’ll realize how amazing it is that you might be having a positive influence on someone else even when you think you are a loser. Moreover his ideas will help you negate negative thoughts. If you are in a bad mood, then you must be thinking of yourself as dumb, annoying or ugly even though none of this is true. He makes sure you change your mind and start looking for the good attributes such as the ones that other people like about you.

What you need to realize is that life is not easy. In all spheres of life there will be highs and lows. A motivational speaker will teach you how to look at life with a positive mindset. What you will learn from him is that when you cannot change something, you have to modify your attitude towards it. His wisdom will let you think about making your life better, about gratifying your desires and setting your own goals and strategies. After having listened to him, you will eventually accept the fact that you have the strength to survive tough times and have the heart to come out of it triumphantly, and that your story could inspire and motive many others.

A motivational humorous speaker utilizes all his experiences as a comedian to approach you in a way such that you will ultimately benefit a lot by just letting him speak to you and hearing what he says attentively and patiently. Now that you know why you need a tough minded attitude in tough times, motivational humorous speakers are there to help you.

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Motivation in Motion – 7 Steps to Help You Stay Motivated

Being and staying motivated are two completely different things with different obstacles and benefits. Everyone, particularly those in the selling profession, have certain things which can keep them motivated. Here are seven steps to help you stay motivated personally and professionally.

1. Dream Bigger Dreams

There is nothing more important and motivating than training or fantasizing about what we can achieve and end up being. By dreaming bigger you automatically set your goals higher. This can also increase your level of confidence and give you a feeling of control regarding your abilities to improve and achieve.

2. Have a Clear Vision

The word motivation is defined literally as a reason to act. It is the rational or cognitive side of getting motivated that should be your vision. This vision however should be big enough that it motivates you to take action. It is smart to develop clear steps to help you stay motivated. This way you know what needs to be done in order for you to be motivated and happy.

3. Renew Your Vision Each Day

It’s a proven fact that sometimes motivation doesn’t last. Therefore we have to renew it while reminding ourselves of our dreams and visions every day. As creatures of habit, everyone realizes that in order to remain motivated over a long-term, it’s something that must be developed continuously.

4. Fueling Your Passion

One of the most powerful forces to keep us going is emotion, especially passion. Therefore fuel it as needed. Although logic is good, having passion for any great cause is better. Put yourself on course with a consuming desire to meet your goals.

5. Learning from Other Minds

Read and listen from those who have achieved goals in life and are successful. This can come from listening to CD’s or reading books by those who give lessons and examples of successful achievements. Their success can motivate others to achieve and prosper. They can certainly start to teach you steps to help you stay motivated

6. Work Harder to Get Results

Action will always be the key to more motivation. Motivation can build on itself when getting results. The harder you are working, the more results you’ll get. It’s a never ending cycle as successes in life typically motivates people to want to achieve more.

7. Enjoying the Process

It’s simply not possible to feel motivated all the time. Sometimes taking a small break can do wonders to help clear your mind and assess where you are at and what you need to still accomplish. After the break you’ll start feeling more refreshed and will notice that your inspiration and enthusiasm are returning again.


Each one of these steps has small benefits, together, they make a big difference. Follow these steps to help you stay motivated throughout your career and personal life.