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meditation and motivation

Meditate to Find Motivation with Motivational Speaker Doug Dvorak

The art of silencing the mind is called meditation. Silence allows you to concentrate better and feel inner peace even amongst turmoil. One of the main reasons that people enjoy meditation is because it brings them inner peace and allows them to build motivation. Motivation and mediation go hand in hand. When you experience one, the other is soon to follow. The order does not necessarily matter either since they both feed off of one another.


Motivational Meditation – Quiet the Mind to Motivate the Self!

You can begin by meditating once per day and work up to twice a day to better motivate yourself. Silence can bring a sense of happiness that fuels your day in a positive manner. It is a great idea to meditate first thing in the morning so you start your day on the right track. Sitting silently with your thoughts and blocking out the outside world allows you to concentrate on what matters to you the most. By concentrating on yourself you are able to better understand inner problems and form solutions. Meditation can come in different forms for different people too. For some meditating can be a struggle to quiet their mind and just relax and breathe, while others find it easy to slip inside a silent world where peace is the center of attention.


Improve Your Concentration

Meditation is a great way to improve your concentration. People become more productive when they have a clear mind. This is especially true for writers that need creative discipline. Concentration can also help you become less bothered when it comes to little things. If you find yourself disturbed by little things it is not abnormal. The nature of the mind is to make small things bigger than they actually are. Concentrating while meditating can ease worries. You will learn to let go of the meaningless worries and look at the bigger picture. Meditating renews your focus and allows you to let go.


Enjoy the Benefit of Better Health

Your health is directly tied into how you think and behave. This is not to say those with serious illnesses have caused their own condition; genetics plays a role in health too. However, no matter the condition, meditation can improve your outlook thereby improving your health. Meditation can reduce stress levels and anxiety. Once anxiety and stress levels are reduced you can enjoy better health benefits. Meditating allows you to concentrate on building and maintaining a PMA (Positive Mental Attitude).


Know Yourself

When you meditate on a daily basis you become more in touch with yourself. You can get a deeper understanding of your inner self and the purpose of your life. Meditation allows you to honestly get to know yourself and helps you make the necessary changes that will keep you motivated in life.


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Use Motivational Techniques that Work

Everyone has their own idea concerning motivation. A lot of times motivation techniques may work well for some and not work at all for others. The idea is to understand how to find motivation strategies that work for you. Consider that you actually are the self-motivation resource and strategy needed to get your life back on track. When you realize that becoming self-motivated starts within you, you have taken a step in the right direction. Believe in yourself and use motivational techniques that work.



Set Goals for Yourself

When you set realistic goals for yourself they are much easier to achieve. Setting goals should not be about achieving long-term success that takes years to accomplish. Instead set smaller goals that can be reached within a reasonable amount of time. You can set a series of smaller goals that easily lead up to a bigger goal. Meeting a smaller set of goals can be more uplifting then feeling like a failure because you feel like you are spending too much time reaching an unreasonable goal.



Celebrate Your Progress

Reaching goals should be celebrated. When you establish rewards for meeting your goals, you are giving yourself positive feedback. Increasing your self-motivation requires the use of positive feedback so you can continue to improve your motivation levels. This is not to say that you will not experience any set-backs, however. Whatever you do, do not give up if you experience a set-back. Simply set better goals and try again.


Think Yourself into a Better Place with Positive Thinking 

Positive thinking is a powerful strategy that can help you believe in yourself. You can overcome any discouragement you may feel by putting things in better perspective with positive thinking. Even when a situation is a set-back, it is important to view it as a temporary set-back that can be accomplished later. Putting negative moments in a positive light and keeping your thought process reasonable, can keep you from falling too far behind when it comes to reaching your goals.


Just Say No

Although saying no may seem like it is a negative way to handle things, it also has a positive aspect. When you say no to distractions that will deter you from your goals, you are putting your priorities in order. An obstacle will only keep you from reaching your goals and make you feel bad about yourself. So do not feel guilty when you say no in order to remain self-motivated.


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Life is Short – Become Your Own Agent of Change to Improve Your Life

One of the hardest things to do in life is change. It is not impossible, however. You are the number one change agent that can motivate yourself to make changes in your life. Motivation needs to be renewed so it does not become a struggle to continue to stay on a positive path. This does not mean that you will never face depression or doubt. You can handle the negative better by using the following tips regarding confidence, focus, and direction to keep motivating yourself.


Bring Confidence Back into Your Life


Being confident is not something people are born with. The actual lack of confidence can kill motivation. This usually happens when focus is lost and put toward what a person wants instead of what a person already has. The human brain will come up with reasons why you do not have what you want, verses focusing on ways to enjoy what you already have. When this mind set is in place, negative thoughts occur easily and can break you down, and make you jealous of others while making bad choices. This is where bad impressions come from. To break free from the negativity, focus on gratitude. Take time to focus on the things in your life that are positive. List your strengths, successes, and the advantages you currently have. When you make an effort to feel grateful, it is much easier to see how successful and confident you already are.


Become More Focused


When you lack focus it literally stifles motivation. When you focus on negative ideas it can create fear. Fear can keep you from being motivated to attempting something positive that would take some guts like starting a workout regiment at the gym. Fear-based thinking needs to be refocused on a goal that is well-defined. A goal that is defined gives you a set of concrete steps that are measurable and keep you moving toward the tangible. This also puts your brain in action and allows you to create a successful plan. It changes worry into actions that assist you in forming a bright future.


Find Your Direction


Direction means you have a day-to-day plan and strategies that will help you achieve your goals. When you have no direction, you tend to lack motivation. Without these two stimuli you can easily succumb to procrastination and defeat. In order to find direction you need to identify a plan of action that leads to success. Every goal has a plan of action with activities that lead you closer to a positive outcome. To keep yourself accountable create a list and arrange activities based on individual results. Then you can make an action plan that will lead to a bigger return that keeps you motivated.


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How Can You Pick Your Own Brain to Become Self Motivated?

Everyone has the ability to become self motivated. Increasing your motivation can be accomplished simply by thinking about it. After all, motivation is not just a psychological state, it is also biochemical. There are a few scientific tricks that can be used to increase your motivation. Simply pick your own brain on how to motivate yourself to become self motivated.


Self-Belief Causes Surges of Dopamine


The brain chemical dopamine is associated with reward and motivation. When you believe in yourself, it causes a dopamine surge. This in turn causes people to see themselves in a positive light. When people look at themselves in a positive light and believe in themselves, it can be a very powerful motivator. People that experience dopamine surges often relish new challenges and see themselves as being people that succeed. You can create a surge of dopamine in your brain by envisioning yourself in a positive and successful manner.


Remember Good Past Experiences


Even if you remember a task that made you feel unmotivated, you can turn the moment around by recalling a memory when the task was a positive experience. Remember when you enjoyed doing that same task so you can spark a positive emotion and increase your level of motivation. When you recall a good memory it increases your motivation to perform the activity again. A positive memory can help you achieve more when you keep it in mind.


Get Started to Keep Continuing


When you do not necessarily feel like completing a task it helps if you can get yourself started. Once you start something that you feel unmotivated to do, your brain will start producing dopamine simply because you are working at getting things done. If a task seems to be daunting, then start on a project or task that is tiny. Every time you achieve a task, dopamine is produced, no matter how small the task may be. The initial achievement gives you a boost and can help you achieve more progress until you finish. It is a way for your brain to receive positive feedback so you are motivated to keep achieving your goals.


View or Perform Tasks Differently


It has been proven that the more a person enjoys a task, the more likely they are to finish it. In order to finish activities that you may not enjoy, change how you view or perform them. You can figure out more ways to perform activities that are more fun and find that you are able to finish them with little hesitation.



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