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How a Motivational Speaker Improves Company Morale – Driving Profits & More

If your employee’s morale seems a bit low lately. Take this into consideration. One solution regardless of the problem is to organize some motivational business speaking seminars. Having a good motivational speaker come to your next corporate event not only gives your employees a welcome break from daily responsibilities, it allows them to enjoy a fresh perspective that might be just the remedy your business needs. Motivational speakers do not work for everyone, but good ones that inspire and truly motivate through truth, humor and reality can work for many people.

General Benefits of Hiring a Professional Motivational Speaker

A successful professional motivational speaker will bring a unique and fresh approach to any seminar. They can help to empower your employees to excel in everything they do. They can also be used to deliver a specific message that you want your group to internalize. It is a well-known fact that any organization flourishes only when it contains a strong team of enthusiastic employees who are well motivated to do their best at keeping the company on top.

In today’s world, large and successful corporations such as IBM, Marriott, Unilever, and Merrill Lynch, hire and motivational speakers to open and close conferences in order to give their employees a refreshed perspective and boost their confidence. Some companies even hold motivational speaking sessions monthly in order to increase the energy and boost the morale of their employees.

Improving Company Morale Begins with Employees, and Ends with Greater Profits and Customer Loyalty

There are two occasions in which a motivational speaker should be hired, if you don’t already hire speakers regularly for your employees.

  • Before beginning a new project, it is an excellent idea to have a professional motivational speaker give a speech. You can provide him/her with the details and let him/her take it from there. This will energize your employees and get the project started with a bang. When the employees are excited about their work and all working on the same page as a team, they are more likely to win the trust of customers and drive greater profits for the company.
  • Anytime you notice that the morale of your employees is low, the best thing you can do is call in a motivational speaker. Giving tired employees a break from their daily routine to gain a fresh perspective is likely to energize them, lighten their moods, and recharge their ambition. With a new perspective, it will be easier to engage customers, which in turn will drive greater profits.

A true professional motivational speaker possesses innate qualities that are enticing and inspiring. They are humorous and also intelligent. Speakers hired for the best conferences are very successful and have useful information to share with your employees to help boost their morale and inspire them. Once your employees are inspired, customer loyalty often increases due to better performance, which in turn drives greater profits for the business. There are many other ways how a motivational speaker improves company morale.

How to Hire a Motivational Speaker – 5 Steps

How to Hire a Motivational Speaker

Learn how to hire a motivational speaker to ensure your event is a successful one. There are many advantages of inviting a professional motivational speaker to speak at your next event. In general, motivational speakers are successful people who have a lot of useful information to share from the experiences they have gained throughout life. They are naturals at boosting the morale and energy of those that surround them.

Before hiring a motivational speaker for your next event, there are some important factors to consider and consider to make sure you are hiring the right speaker for YOUR event. Here is how to hire a motivational speaker in 5 simple steps.

  1. Articulation: If you have ever had to sit through a speech in which the delivery was poor due to mispronounced words and a low energy level, you know how unappealing it can be. It is easy to lose interest and walk away having gained nothing from it. This is not the outcome you are looking for when you hire a motivational speaker. A powerful speaker will keep everyone’s attention focused and deliver clear information in a manner that is engaging, leaving everyone feeling like he or she really did benefit from being there. So what can you do…
  2. Review Audio or Video Footage: If you can find an audio or video clip of the speaker you are considering, it will help you immensely when making the final decision to hire or not to hire. A video is the best, obviously, as body language is just as important as articulation and subject matter. If the articulation and body language is good, but the subject matter is not a good fit for you, don’t give up. You now know that your candidate can speak well and has good control over the audience (stage presence). Simply ask him/her if he has different programs that are in a written format.
  3. Network and References: The best motivational speakers are proud to display the prestigious companies they have spoken for and all the different places they have traveled to give speeches. They will also be happy to provide you with solid references upon request if they are confident of their history and work. Ask for them!
  4. Preparation: If you are able to find some references to speak with, make sure you address the subject of preparation. You don’t want to pick anyone with a big name that shows up poorly dressed, late or confused. Make sure the speaker you hire has a good reputation for being prepared and engaging.
  5. Personalized Message: It is very important to make sure that the motivational speaker you hire keeps his or her speeches fresh instead of repeating the same message in the same way. You want someone who has interest in knowing what exactly your organization is all about and will deliver a customized speech just for your particular audience. This approach hits closer to home and is more likely to excite and engage the audience. Ask the references you received how the speaker customized his/her keynote for their event.

Make sure you know how to hire a motivational speaker for your event and follow these steps, amongst anything else you can think of doing to make sure your event is a success!

Good Luck!

Everything Starts and Stops with Motivation – A 3-Step Process to Get What you Want and Need out of High School

Your high school education is the base for your future career and success. If you want to do well you will need motivation and determination. Here are three steps you can take to make your high school experience work for you:


  1. Course Focus: One of the greatest motivators is to have a goal. When you can envision your ultimate goal you can begin to see where you want to be. It becomes the carrot dangling in front of you to goad you on and to make you want to succeed. In order to meet your career goals you need to decide what courses will help you get where you want to go. Make sure you speak to your counsellor (if available) in order to know exactly what courses you need to focus on in order to get to the next level in your education. Look at electives that will add to your education and help build on the area in which you wish to specialize. Consider tutoring if you feel you are not meeting the grades you desire, or even offering tutoring to fellow students if you are excelling in your courses.


  1. Build Strength and Interests: Once you have your course focus in place look at how you can continue to build your strengths and interests. Find out about extra curricular activities, field trips, clubs and other activities that will help you develop your interest. Consider potential part time jobs or volunteer work that can expose you to experiences that will build strength of character to help you remain focused. Read, read and read some more about the industry and stay up on the latest news so you can keep it in mind for projects and assignments. Attend workshops, visit conferences held by the school and go on college tours to help you find the school that will provide the final stepping stone in achieving your goals.


  1. Extra Credit and Community: Learn as much as you can about extra credit projects. See if you can join study groups and even assist your teachers in setting up special class presentations. Become involved whenever you can so you are fully involved in your school work and your school community.


When you are in it to win it you must be completely ensconced in your school community. You have to see all of the things that offer opportunity and use them to keep yourself motivated to succeed. Doug Dvorak is one of the most highly sought after high school motivational speakers for students and faculty methods of staying in tune with what it takes to set goals and get to through this journey in your life and onto the next one as smoothly and successfully as you possibly can.

5 Steps to Continuous Self Motivation – Retain Long-Term Motivation for Long-Term Success

Continuous Self Motivation

When you find yourself in a motivational slump, just remember that motivation needs to be encouraged and nourished on a continual basis. This is not to say that you will not face times when you just feel unmotivated. It is less about those times, and more about what you do to get past them that matters. In order to create a well-spring of motivation you need to follow 5 steps to continuous self-motivation with techniques for sustaining long-term motivation.


  1. Possess a Positive Attitude


Having the right attitude is very powerful where motivation is concerned. No one can choose or pick their personal circumstances, but you can decide how you are going to react to them and what type of attitude you are going to possess. Possessing a positive attitude requires you to develop mental steps that are utilized on a regular basis for self-motivation purposes. Once you have used these steps on a continuous basis, you will have naturally created a positive attitude that will increase your ability to get and stay motivated. A great way to keep yourself positive and motivated is to share with others who are experiencing negativity and trouble in their life.


  1. Start Simple


When in the process of adopting a good positive attitude for self-motivation, start simple. Provide yourself with motivating items that you can place around your living and work areas. These items are different for every person, and will give you a spark of motivation to start and keep going. You can choose to replace an item with an activity such as jogging or working out to help you stay motivated throughout your day.


  1. Choose Your Company Wisely


Motivated and positive people are great company. Watch who you are around, that may influence your mind set. Keep people close that are encouraging and keep negative people out of your life. This can include speaking with people on social media, as well. It is always good to share your ideas with like minded others that can in turn motivate and encourage you to keep working toward your goals.


  1. Never Stop Learning


Part of becoming and remaining motivated is the thirst for knowledge. You should never stop learning. If you have an opportunity to read, do it. When you have a large base of knowledge it makes you feel more confident and helps you begin and finish projects.


  1. Remain Positive


In order to remain positive, try find good aspects within the bad. Obstacles are always going to occur, what is important is being able to find a way around/through them. When you remain positive and self-motivating you will find that even the most daunting tasks can be tackled.



Doug Dvorak can teach you additional techniques and steps to continuous self motivation for sustaining long-term motivation. Contact him to find out more about how you and/or your company can improve your self-motivation today.

Get a Jumpstart on Life and Recharge Your Inner Motivation

Motivated people will tell you it is important to recharge your inner motivation. It makes sense since life is a balancing act of positives and negatives. Motivation is not a constant wellspring of positive energy. In fact, it can slip and it often needs to be recharged. Below are 3 tips to recharge the inner-motivator within.


  1. Enjoy a Short Recharge Exercise


Recharging inner motivation does not have to take hours upon hours. There is a simple and effective exercise that you can complete that lasts only ten minutes. First find a quiet place to relax and sit down. Next close your eyes and ask yourself two questions. In five years how will your life look if you remain on your current path? How could life become worse for you and your loved ones? These questions are not easy to ask yourself and may make you uncomfortable when you seek negative answers. But those negative consequences can be strong motivators that get you in gear and allows you to become motivated once again. Then ask yourself two more questions. In one to five years how will your life look if you change for the positive and keep going? How can this improve your life and the lives of your loved ones? With this set of questions you are thinking of your future in a positive manner that vividly gives you personal reasons to change. To further motivate yourself, write these questions and answers down as a reminder that you can see every day.


  1. Drink in Motivation from Others


A magnificent way to recharge inner-motivation is to let the motivation of others encourage you. The energy you feel from positive and motivating people is addictive and can fill you with the desire to make positive changes concerning your own motivation. Talk to others about your dreams and ask them about their dreams and achievements. You do not have to limit yourself to just talking with others, however. You can also read books, blogs, and articles that offer motivational advice. Take five to ten minutes out of your day to turn your mindset around and create a more positive mood to become more motivated about changes in your life.


  1. Don’t Let Lack of Motivation Stop You


Even if you do not feel motivated, get started anyway. The idea is that you simply need to start and your motivation will catch up with you. This is a very important tip since you cannot control whether you wake up inspired or uninspired. That first small step may be all you need to get going. Your inner-motivation will catch up with you after you focus on starting. Each small step forward will lead you to the completion of additional tasks and make you feel better and more motivated to tackle even more.



Doug Dvorak has been giving motivational advice during seminars and conferences for many years. Find out more about 3 tips to create a day to recharge the inner-motivator within when you attend his motivational workshops and/or keynote presentations.