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Learn How Positive Thinking Works

Positive Thinking - "I Can Do It"

Positive thinking is a choice. For some people it comes naturally, for others it takes changing a negative mind-set and being mindful of actions and reactions. Being positive is also a way of life that helps you to look on the bright side of things with the expectation of positive results. Positive people look for happiness, success and typically believe they will be able to overcome obstacles that get in their way. When you believe in the possibility of positive thinking it turns the mind-set of I can’t if I think I can’t into I can if I think I can. Your mind is a powerful tool that can shape your life with the type of thinking you choose to use. The positive mind-set allows you to live a happier life and gives you the freedom to remain happy if you can learn how positive thinking works.


The Positive Mind-Set Is Gaining Popularity


There are many books and seminars that focus on being positive and how it can change your life for the better. If you find that you are not a positive person, but you want to be, then you should try to attend one of these types of seminars and/or lectures. You can easily find many different resources and reading material that can help you find positive aspects in life and focus on them too. Using positivity in your life is more than just acknowledging it, however. In order to utilize a positive way of thinking you need to adopt it in all areas of your life.


How Does Positive Thinking Work?


It is quite simple really, if you think you can do it, you can do it. If you want to believe that you cannot do something, you will sabotage yourself with a negative attitude that eventually takes over and proves that your negative thoughts were true. When you anticipate failure, you will fail. When you look ahead and foresee a positive outcome, you will take the necessary steps to make your positive thoughts come true. A positive attitude allows you to experience happy and pleasant feelings. It even has an effect on your appearance making your eyes brighter and giving you more energy. Your whole body will broadcast exactly how you feel proving that positivity is beneficial to your health. Just remember that positive and negative thinking are contagious. When you focus on the positive you have a chance of experiencing a better outcome.



Doug Dvorak CSP understands the power of positivity and he knows how to turn the mind-set of can’t if I think I can’t into I can if I think I can. Learn how positive thinking works.

The Power of Possibility Thinking: Understand and Use Possibility Thinking to Tackle Life with Vigor



Thinking is a mental activity that is different for every person. People tend to adopt their own form of thinking whether it is negative thinking, positive thinking or possibility thinking. They each have subtle differences that can impact a person’s life dramatically. Positive and possibility thinking happens in layers. You may not even realize it. Positive thinking on its own is a great way to view life that gives you an upbeat and healthy attitude with the ability to believe in the best. Possibility thinking goes deeper and gives people the ability to not only see the positive, but to open their mind to creative ways to embrace change and new pathways of life. There are hidden possibilities in many different aspects of life. You can learn the power of possibility thinking to truly change your mind-set and tackle life with vigor.


First You Need to Be Aware of Possibilities


Positive thinking is the first step. In order to become a possibility thinker you need to step past positive thinking and make yourself aware of possibilities that exist in situations. This allows you to view life in a manner that goes beyond simply allowing life to happen to you. Instead you can see life as a challenging array of opportunities. To get to this point, it takes great mental discipline. Even bad situations can be turned around with possibility thinking. Construct more than one point of view and perspective. Then you will see that there are more opportunities with flexibility that allows you to take constructive action. Possibility thinkers believe that they can make a difference. They are more capable of doing great things.


Live Your Life with Possibilities and Potential


Believing that your life is purposeful and significant with the possibility of personal growth, gives you the ability to get more out of life. There is no room for thinking about shame, scarcity or failure, but instead the focus is on great possibilities. You can transform negative thoughts by putting more effort into positive aspects. Train yourself to look at problems differently so you can find the hidden answers that improve your life. You can make things happen that you may have only dreamed about simply by changing the way you think.


Doug Dvorak, CSP understands the power of possibility thinking. You can learn more about possibility thinking too when you attend his motivational seminars and classes.

Top 3 Favorite YouTube Motivational Videos


Motivation is what drives us to succeed. It doesn’t matter if you are trying to lose weight, meet your career goals or get out of bed in the morning – without motivation it is impossible to achieve. Here are three top motivational videos that can help you see that quitting is not an option, fear does not exist and that we are all ultimately in this together:

  1. If at First You Don’t Succeed: This video takes a look at people in history who were not overnight successes. It demonstrates that no one makes it big or reaches their ultimate goals without effort and above all, without failure. What separates the successful from the not so successful is one thing and one thing only: Determination. The only real time you can fail is when you give up. Continuing to believe in yourself in order to meet your goals means falling off your horse and getting right back up again. Fall on your back and you will always be looking up towards your goals. And if you fall face down? Flip over.


  1. No Such Thing as Fear: Fear it is not tangible. It does not exist unless you allow it to. You need fear to keep you safe, but you do not want fear to hold you back. “There is nothing to fear, but fear itself.” You cannot be afraid to succeed. However when you are afraid to fail, it will keep you from succeeding. You have to overcome your fears and step outside of your comfort zone in order to meet your goals. Fear takes away your power. You have to be willing to look fear in the face and know it will not hold you back unless you let it. Until you let go of your fear and face your goals head on you will not be able to succeed in making your dreams come true.


  1. Pay it Forward: There is no denying that we are all in this together. When you are feeling like the world stinks and that everyone is in it for themselves, take the time to stop and look around. There are acts of kindness all around you and if you don’t see any, then perform one yourself.

Staying motivated has to come from within each of us. Don’t depend on others to keep you focused on your goals and motivated to meet them. Instead look within yourself and be your own cheerleader strong in the belief you can do anything you set your mind to.

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