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When Opportunity Knocks Open the Door

Do Not Let a Good Opportunity Pass You By

Many times people complain that their life did not turn out how they wanted it to. Yet when they had an opportunity to change things, they let that opportunity pass them by. They did very little to change their circumstances and let life happen to them. This does not mean that those same people did not try hard enough to do better; they just simply did not take an opportunity when it was presented to them. Change can be scary, even risky. But when you are not happy about your present situation, you need to understand that when opportunity knocks, open the door.

Do Not Let Fear Stop You from Changing

One of the main reasons people let opportunities pass them by is fear. Fear keeps the most earnest of people from making changes in their lives, even changes they desire. Do not let fear stop you from taking an opportunity when it is presented to you. Try something new. It is always a good idea to think around objectives, just do not think so much that you think yourself out of a good opportunity. Over-thinking can exacerbate fears and exhaust you. Instead focus on positive changes whether it is losing weight, getting a new job, or becoming romantically involved with someone else. When opportunity knocks open the door, let it in and take the proper steps to take full advantage of it.

Consider What You Have to Gain

When faced with fear of the unknown, consider what you have to gain when making positive changes. Whether things turn out exactly as you wanted them to or not, you still benefit from trying. You learn that you can handle the curveballs that life inevitably throws at you. It also gives you the opportunity to become more resilient so you can bounce back from a disappointment better. All of these experiences will increase your inner strength and make it easier to try new opportunities that are offered in the future.

Risk Is a Part of Life

No matter how you look at it, risk is a part of life. Every choice that is made has had some degree of risk in it although life-changing choices can hold a higher degree of risk. Just be careful that you do not overestimate risk, danger and failure verses underestimating the value of curiosity. It is always a good choice when you are making decisions about how you want to live your life. Do not let safety and fear govern what you are willing to accept. You may find that the next opportunity you take is full of growth, meaning and satisfaction.

Doug Dvorak attends conferences, events and meetings where he gives motivational speeches about life and business. He encourages clients to take risks with simple advice, when opportunity knocks open the door.


5 Ways to Motivate Your Employees

Simple & Effective: 5 Ways to Motivate Your Employees Today!


1. Always listen to what your employees have to say. Taking time to listen can make them feel appreciated and valued.

2. Always acknowledge your employees. No one likes to be ignored.

3. Show gratitude. Show how grateful you are for the hard work your employees are doing.

4. Develop employees. Give them opportunities to grow.

5. Celebrate. Take time to celebrate and reward your employees.


Use the above guide for ways to motivate your employees. Also consider Motivational Speaker Doug Dvorak.

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Things to Consider When Hiring a Las Vegas Motivational Speaker

Las Vegas motivational speakers should be engaging, educating, entertaining and fun! You’re in Vegas and your colleagues are to. Having a good time should always be part of your conference, but especially here. There are a few things to look for when deciding to work with a Las Vegas motivational speaker.


Has the Speaker Presented in Las Vegas Before?

Having a professional and experienced motivational speaker is a huge plus. Having a speaker that has presented at several Las Vegas events and conferences is an even bigger plus. They will know their way around the city and possibly your conference center. They have been in the exciting and sometimes overwhelming atmosphere before and it will not deter them. They will be able to deliver what they promised.


Does the Speaker Have Good Las Vegas References?

Having presented in Vegas before is one thing. Having done an excellent job and left the client satisfied is another. Check some of their references to make sure they did a great job while in Las Vegas.


Does the Speaker Have a Sample Video?

Demo videos are a great way to tell if the speaker is right for you! Even if the content is not what you are looking for, you will be able to get a great idea of the speakers style and if it would be a good fit for your Las Vegas event or conference.


Does the Speaker Have Designations? Are They a True Professional?

Try to hire a speaker that has certifications, memberships and awards. These can include being a member of the National Speakers Association, Toastmasters International and designations such as Certified Speaking Professional.


Does the Speaker Create a Great Positive Energy that Others Can Feed Off of?

Working with a speaker that brings the audience together is a great experience. This ensures that people are engaging with the content.


Does the Speaker Promote Audience Interaction?

Audience interaction is huge when you’re seeking a Las Vegas motivational speaker. People in Vegas don’t want to sit and listen to a presentation. They want to interact! They are in Vegas. The key is hiring a motivational speaker that makes it easy and fun for them to interact.


Is the Speaker Funny?

A humorous Las Vegas motivational speaker fits the theme of having a Las Vegas event. Vegas is known for their shows and a speaker that can lighten the mood and make a crowd laugh will help audience members loosen up and enjoy the presentation


Consider the above before hiring a Las Vegas motivational speaker. This will make sure your event is a success.




How to Coach Sales Reps On The Inside To Deliver Optimal Sales Outcomes On The Outside

Businesses need sales and every year, many are falling a little short. While it can be tempting to push your employees harder and harder, it may not be the best way to get the job done. In fact, exhausting your employees often results in fewer sales. Instead, you should consider being “right” on the inside while practicing sales coaching or mentoring. Do more for your employees or reward them so that they want to work harder, which leads to more sales. Learn how to coach sales reps on the inside to produce the results you want and need on the outside




Everyone needs to have goals, whether they are personal or business-related. However, it is important to get your employees to focus their goals towards business to help the company, themselves and you. Ask them frequently about their goals related to their job to find out how they differ from the objectives of the business and then help make positive suggestions, friendly reminders and changes where you see fit.


Work Smarter


Everyone has likely heard the term, “work smarter, not harder.” The saying means that you should use your head to create easier methods of accomplishing tasks. If you notice that people are doing things the hard way, talk to them about it! Suggest and/or brainstorm together more productive ways to go about the task. They’ll finish faster, which will ultimately make them more efficient and the company more money.




It is important to clearly see where your company is at the present, but also where it needs to be in the future. Your employees are part of that vision. It is your job to incorporate them into the future vision so they not only feel needed, but are needed. This will create a great sense of loyalty to you and the company. Loyal workers are hard working and dedicated!


Be The Example


As a professional sales coach, it is your job to ensure employees understand their tasks and know how to do them properly. This means you should set an example for them, showing them that hard work does prosper. If you go to work, play games on the computer and leave early, your employees will think it’s okay to do the same. Be the example that your employees want to live up to. Nothing creates better outcomes then a positive leader that walks the walk with their team, this sales coaching at its core.


Accountability & Trust


How to coach sales reps is not always about coaching, but about letting go and allowing them to learn to coach themselves. Make your sales force more accountable for their actions by giving them more respect and power to do things. Instead of having them ask a supervisor for every little thing, allow them to make some of their decisions, within reason. They will be more apt to do their best because they are responsible for the decision. This will also build a greater sense of trust between the employee and employer.


Whether you want to make more profits or create a better environment for your sales team. Consider the benefits of sales coaching for sales people. Visit to learn tricks and tips on how to coach sales reps. Or visit for a sales assessment that allows outside salespeople to grow within their career.


Portland Motivational Speaker – Top 5 Portland Motivational Speakers



Doug Dvorak: Humorous Motivational Speaker


If you are looking for a motivational speaker for a workshop, conference, or productivity training that can connect with your employees contact Doug Dvorak. He is a certified sales trainer who uses humor as an effective tool to engage with his audience. Doug has the ability to motivate your employees by using laughter to carry out the purpose of your business. With a Bachelor of Arts degree in Administration and Master of Business Administration in Market Management, Mr. Dvorak encourages his spectators to be successful in their personal life and business. He is a top rated Portland motivational speaker.


Cheryl Strayed: Inspirational Speaker


A bestselling author of her memoir “Wild”, Cheryl Strayed faced two life-changing events at the age of 22. Cheryl traveled a thousand miles across the Pacific Crest Trail while struggling to find solidity and peace. She inspires people with stories of her struggle and how to survive. Her trials and tribulations motivated her fight against the odds on her journey, and to heal herself. As a vibrant speaker, she inspires audiences concerning how to remain alive when facing hardships. She is one of the best inspirational speakers in Portland Oregon.


Christopher Brown: Leadership Speaker


If you are searching for a keynote speaker to give a presentation on how to deal with leadership and character consider Christopher Brown. Christopher worked for over 31 years in law enforcement and now lectures on character-driven leadership. He bases his presentation on truth to lead effectively and to cultivate future leaders. Christopher helps companies learn how to spot people who have the leadership ability. A top Portland leadership speaker.


Sharon Henifin: Speaks on Hope and Understanding


Need a speaker who can teach others about how cancer affects people’s lives? Sharon Henifin has been a survivor of breast cancer for twenty-one years. She teaches compassion and how to care for individuals that are fighting or have fought cancer. Sharon encourages women of all ages about confidence and self-esteem. She coaches her audience to know what is important in their life and how to create a plan to achieve their goals. Sharon amuses her spectators with personal experiences she has gone through and how to have a positive attitude. Sharon is an excellent Portland Motivational Speaker.


Gail Tycer: Focuses on Better Communication


Need a strategic consultant that helps gather information and solve problems? Gail Tycer is a speaker, writer, coach, and consultant on business communication. Gail has studied her whole life on how to achieve fast results in communication. As a member of the National Speakers Association, Gail has been recognized for her programs. Gail is a creative and outstanding motivational speaker from Portland Oregon.