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How to Overcome Negative Emotions & Thoughts Through a Positive Attitude

There is no reason to allow negative thoughts and emotions to control your life.

Negative thoughts about yourself, your abilities, your potential, and your future often creates a self-fulfilling prophecy. For a naturally pessimistic person, learning to turn that negativity into positivity and motivation is critical for them to create the energy and environment for success.

On the other hand, if someone is naturally positive and experiences a challenge, or perhaps has a stressful emotional situation to deal with, it is equally as important to be able to recognize it for what it is, and then move forward to a positive mental outlook.


Focus on the Solution Not the Problemfocus-on-solutions

One of the biggest ways we get trapped in cycles of negative thoughts and emotions is by focusing on the problem, or on assuming there is only one solution and it isn’t working.

If you are able to focus on being creative, generating multiple solutions, and thinking positivity this will help improve your state of mind tremendously. By thinking about how to work through the problem you not only avoid negativity, but you can come up with the creative options needed to get back on track.


Acknowledge Your Skills, Talents, Gifts, and Blessingsself-talk

When you are in a negative state, it is difficult for you to see the good in anything, let alone in yourself. To start to become confident, positive, and empowered you must make an effort to get rid of all of that negative self-talk and self-doubt.

Start by making a list of all the things you are good at and that you consider your skills, talents, gifts, or blessings. They can be simple and basic, or they can complex. You can even write down things others have said that are positive and that made you feel good about some aspect of yourself.

Every day add at least one more thing to that list and spend time reviewing and thinking about those talents and skills. If you hear that negative voice start to enter your thoughts, go back and read the list and focus instead on using those positive attributes to help you resolve the challenge, change, or conflict you may be facing either internally or in any aspect of your life.


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What Will Your Life Be Like in 1 Year?


Part of goal setting is envisioning where you want to be at certain stages of your life. The one-year mark might not seem significant, but in the business world it marks a milestone of one more year added to your experience. Learning to have a good idea of what your life will be like in 1 year will keep you target oriented in order to meet your goals and succeed.

  • Start at 10: Start by working out your 10-year plan. Consider what you want to be doing in each detail of your life. Where you want to live. What kind of car you want to drive. Where you see a current relationship or if you will be in a relationship at all. Do you have kids? Would you need to go back to school?


  • Work back to One: Once you have your 10-year plan work backward from 10 years to 1 year. Fill in the blanks of what steps you figure you will need to take in order to meet your 10-year plan during each separate year. Figure out where you want to end up from the present moment to the next 12 months and you have a starting point.


  • Experience and Education: Considering where you want to be at the end of the year do you need to do anything in your current life such as take more courses, change your position of get more experience? Map out what needs to be done now in order to reach your one-year goal.


  • Not Moving: In order to envision your life a year from now consider what would happen if you did absolutely nothing to change. What would it be like to have to stay in the same job for another year? If the idea is completely unbearable, start taking steps to make a move.


  • Risks and Rewards: If it turns out you want to make a move, or even if you want to stay put, consider the risks and rewards involved with each. For example if you were to stay in your current position would it provide you with much needed experience to meet your two or five year plan, or would it interfere with your plan instead? If you decide to go, would you be walking away from potential promotions based on your current position within the company?


If each year, you stop and consider what your life will be like in one year, you will be able to consider what has to be done in order to succeed and meet your long-term goals. Stay motivated by thinking of the consequences of not meeting your 1-year goals.


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