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How to Know You’re On the Right Motivational Path

It can be easy to lose your way in life. One day you can be perfectly clear on where you want to go and the next day you suddenly feel lost and lack true motivation. If you want to know you are on the right motivational path that will take you where you want to go, make sure you are doing the following:

  • Goal Setting: A path, be it a road trip or a life plan has to have goals and milestones to check off along the way. Your path should include the steps you need to take to get to where you want to be. When you set goals you will know what has to be done each day to bring you closer and closer to success. In fact your goals should often change in order to help you get there faster. As you become better at what you do and learn more about who you are, your goals will be easier to meet.


  • Don’t Fail, Learn: If you are looking at mistakes as failures you will not be able to stay on your motivational path. Instead you have to look at failures or mistakes as opportunities to learn. Everything that doesn’t go your way happens for a reason. Some things are in your control others are not. Look at each error and misstep and learn how it happened and how to avoid the same type of situation moving forward. This will keep you on your toes and help you reach your goals even faster.


  • Take a Risk: Risks are only risks if you live in fear. Fear cannot exist unless you allow it to exist. Look at where you need to go and decide that even if the road is a little tougher than you thought you are willing to take the risk and keep moving forward. Remember if you “fail” it is simply a step towards meeting your goals and succeeding.


  • Working Smart, Not Hard: Being obsessed with your goals is not the best way to get there. Remember to work smart not hard. There is no point in setting a goal that makes your life miserable. Look at every aspect of your life and be certain you are staying focused on your goals without letting everything else fall apart around you like your health, important relationships and family.

As long as you continue to meet the goals you set this is a good indicator you are on the right motivational path.


Doug Dvorak is a famous Motivational Speaker who travels the world to speak at conferences, seminars and events. He uses humorous insight and advice to keep people motivated and inspired. Visit for more information.



5 Tips & Strategies for Continuous Motivation

Doing nothing is easy and many of us find ourselves simply accepting a situation that we are not happy with; rather than actually taking positive steps to change that situation. In other words; we seem to lack the motivation to take the necessary steps to achieve our goals. This could be something as simple as a desire to give up smoking cigarettes; or, as complex as achieving an improvement in our daily working lives (be that a promotion or a new job that is better suited to our personality and potential). The desired improvement need not be financially inspired; it could be that what we really need is increased job satisfaction.

To Change Anything; We Need Motivation

You could say that motivation is the fuel that powers our progress through life. Motivation provides the inspiration for us to take action and do something that causes change or progress. Without motivation, we remain stuck in the realms of wishful thinking.

How Do We Get Motivated?

Something needs to get us into a mindset whereby we not only wish for something but actually set out along the path towards achieving it.

The types of things that help us get motivated and stay motivated are:

  1. Adopting a positive way of thinking; get out of the habit of being negative and adopt a “can do” attitude. Here is a great read on The Power of Positive Mental Attitude.
  2. Concentrate more on what you want to achieve rather than thinking and worrying about what you have not.
  3. Clear your mind of unnecessary thoughts and concentrate on the matter at hand.
  4. Concentrate on what is happening rather than what might have happened.
  5. Be focused; cast doubts aside and believe in yourself.

To work with these 5 tips you should also have strategies that help you maintain your continuous motivation.


If you are strong willed enough to remain self-motivated, you should not need any additional help. However, most of us are not. We are not exactly lazy; but, do need a push if we are to become fully motivated towards achieving any of our desired goals in life.

A good strategy is to seek help from others who have already improved their lives through determination and motivation. Some can find this by reading the so-called “self-help” books; while others are more likely to succeed by listening to inspirational speakers. In many a seminar; the keynote speaker’s function is to get the audience motivated towards succeeding in the given field of the following seminar. A third option is to hire a life coach or mentor to help you with your motivational goals.

If you need tips and strategies for continuous motivation you need to listen to (or read the books of) professionals like Doug Dvorak. Their wealth of experience in succeeding and remaining motivated in life CAN be passed on to you.


Successful Organizations Start with Positive Attitudes

Successful organizations have one thing in common, positive attitudes! They have employees that are enthusiastic and love helping their customers and presenting their solutions. Let’s take a sales professional for example.

The most valuable thing that a sales professional can have is a positive attitude. Those with positive winning attitudes perform much better than those who have losing attitudes. Having confidence and a great sales strategy is a great start, but it is not enough to be highly successful. If a sales rep presents their products with a bad attitude it fills the room with an uncanny vibe, this results in a less impactful presentation. So you will lose that sale and any additional business that would come with it, including upselling and referrals. You will never get very far with this approach.


Positive Attitudes Convert to Positive Energy for High Sales

A positive attitude converts into positive energy. It has an impact on everyone you interact with. Sales reps should look at their sales pitch positively. They are presenting to the prospect to sell their product. Highly positive energy gives people an extra edge to convince the customer to buy their products.


Every sales professional wants to have the ability to motivate their customers to buy, and it has been proven that reps that are energized will get more sales than those who are not. Sales managers need to find creative ways to keep their team members enthusiastic and energized consistently. Every time a sales representative pitches their product to prospective customers they must mentally psych themselves up for it. Sales will improve if you can find a way to tap into the good energy you have when participating in your favorite activity. The Sales Coaching Institute is an international sales coaching and sales training firm that states that one of six traits of an outstanding sales representative is a positive attitude.


How a Positive Attitude Can Help Sales Performance

Sales representatives who have positive attitudes find it easier to overcome objections as they arise. They can highlight the benefits of how their product can help the customer in a way that gets the customer excited. Those with positive attitudes will be able to problem solve, make quick decisions, and be confident in their sales endeavors. Customers pick up on the positive vibes that are generated by positive people, and this gives the customer confidence which develops into trust. Every customer must have trust in the product, service, company and this starts with trusting the sales representative. Customers must have a sense of trust, or they simply won’t buy your products.


It is imperative to ensure that your sales staff members have winning attitudes that will bring success to your organization.


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