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How To Use & Leverage Social Media To Heighten The Guest Experience

Almost every industry must find new and innovative ways to connect with their customers. For example, while hospitals and doctors will always be in demand, they can stand out from their competition by using social media to be perceived as more personable. It will be helpful for you to understand how to use and leverage the Internet and social media to heighten the guest experience for your customers.

Starting Out

Most businesses believe, incorrectly, that the guest experience doesn’t start until they are in your store, restaurant or on your website. However, with that assumption, you could be losing customers. Potential clients must be aware of your brand or name while they’re still in the search phase. You need to get yourself out there and have engaging content and a killer website, yes. However, you should also be using social media sites to provide your customers with a heightened experience and improved sense of brand awareness. Remember, if even one person sees your post or tweet, they may share it or tell someone else who is looking for the services you provide.


What To Do

The answer to what do you do isn’t a one-size-fits-all. It will depend on your industry and what you’re trying to achieve. If you want more people to order the most expensive item on the menu you should post pictures of it and explain what they get for their money and why it is worth the extra charge and more. If you want more people to buy from you instead of your competitors, you can post infographics about the benefits your product/service provides customers that the competitors leave out. If your customer service is superior, make sure you are getting social media customer reviews.


Tweetups are a new and innovative way to bring people together. You host an event at your location where people and sometimes celebrities come and have fun. You can provide activities, music, snacks or beverages and then let them all tweet about their wonderful experience. Make sure you create a hashtag for the event!


You can also use Facebook and other social media outlets to offer bonuses, such as discounts, free items and more. All they have to do is share the post, and they can get the coupon or code to get the special deal. Learning how to heighten the guest experience is a crucial skill you must develop. In the world of technology things are always changing and keeping up with the latest trends can help you stand out from the competition.



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The Future of The Guest Experience


The Future Outlook of the Guest Experience

For most people, the future looks bright and for companies, the same can be true. The guest experience has changed and requires more work for employees, bosses, and CEOs. However, it also requires more work for customers, who are always on the lookout for the best service and price. Therefore, understanding the changes can help ensure that you’re on the right track for success.




Technology has ultimately changed the way that companies do business, as well as how customers shop. Therefore, it’s important to utilize technology in the best possible way. That may mean having a streamlined website that’s compatible with other devices or may include using social media outlets, such as Twitter.


The point is that you must determine how technology can work for you, but also how it can work for your customers to create the best guest experience possible.


Emotional Connection


The one caveat of more technology is that the emotional connection consumers feel toward a brand can dissipate. You still need that emotional connection between the company and the customer but have to be more creative to create it. That’s why social media is so popular with businesses. They can still interact with their customers and get feedback.


Feedback can also be in the form of satisfaction surveys. However, you must ensure that when a complaint is filed through the survey, you respond just like they called or emailed you. Otherwise, they will feel that you aren’t listening or don’t care.


Everyone Should Be Happy

To make everyone happy, you must go in a big circle. The owner of the business must have the right employees and train them. The employees must be happy, which incentives, bonuses, competitive salaries and more can help with. When the employees are happy, they’ll work hard for the customer, which in turn makes the client happy, as well.



Customer Service Workshop


Customer Service Lessons From The Frontline

5 Customer Service Lessons From The Frontline

Understanding customer service can be tricky, especially from an employee’s point of view. Most employees are focused on their jobs and their tasks, not what the customer may need or want. Putting yourself in their shoes may seem counterproductive, but this can be the first step to avoiding critical mistakes and losing clients due to poor customer service. Here are 5 customer service lessons from the frontline to help your company retain business and gain referrals.


Make It Easy For Customers To Find You

The first problem you should avoid is making it tough for customers to get to your products and services or your customer support. Having stores and websites is good, but making it easier should always be your goal. Place a large customer service number and chat line on your website where it is visible so your clients don’t have to go searching for it. Also, when people call into the customer service center, don’t expect them to wait through multiple robot voices and punch in a lot of numbers. Get them to a real person as soon as possible so they can start discussing their needs. If they do need to punch in a pin number or ID code, don’t ask for it again! They already gave it to you, and good customer service experts shouldn’t need it twice.


Peak Traffic

Will your servers be able to handle an influx of traffic from websites? Do you have enough employees to handle calls proficiently? Understand when the peak times are for your business and plan ahead to avoid problems and solve problems efficiently.


Be Efficient

Efficiency doesn’t fall on the heads of customers. It falls to the people running the company. You must be proficient and skilled enough to handle all problems as they arise or even before they happen. Train employees and managers on what to do and how to do it so they can be more productive. If they do not know the answer to a question, make sure that they connect the customer to someone who does. If this is not possible, make sure they write the question down and get the correct answer for the customer as soon as possible.


Treat Employees Well

Employees who aren’t happy with their jobs aren’t necessarily going to treat customers poorly, but they certainly won’t give them their best. Customer service doesn’t start with the client, but rather the managers and employees. Make sure your managers are helpful, motivating and encouraging so that your team works together to create the best customer experience for your clients.


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Surprise/Delight Them


Going above and beyond may seem impossible for a salesperson, but it shouldn’t. They should be able to offer promotional items, discounts and other options to get customers interested and hooked. If you’re not providing your staff with the ability to surprise and delight customers, they could be losing sales.



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