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Frequency & Consistency Can Keep Your Motivational Juices Flowing

Frequency & Consistency 

Frequent & consistent action can help you stay motivated by allowing you to find a groove that permits work to flow smoothly. Even when you don’t get much done, you are working steadily which helps you remove anxiety, and just work. In turn, this allows you to accomplish a lot over any given period of time. You will always have down time, but staying consistent, frequently will ensure that those periods of downtime don’t get into your head and cause some major road blocks and stress. The task that is never started is often the most troublesome and being consistent frequently ensures little to no tasks go unstarted.

What you do every day of every week matters more than what you once in a while.

Don’t wait for moods, show up, whether you feel inspired or not. Tackle your most important tasks first – focus diligently for 60-90 minutes on the challenges that you believe have the most likelihood of adding long-term value to your life. Just like someone that goes to the gym for an hour multiple times a week that gains strength and momentum and no longer sees the gym as a chore. You will start to build creative muscle and momentum over time by working in 60-90 minute bursts.

The following is a very effective, productive and efficient working and learning practice to help you keep your motivational juices flowing.

Work in 60-90 minute “focus blocks”. Set this time aside like you would be setting an appointment with a customer. Don’t let anything interrupt this time, not your cell phone, emails, social media or even a customer’s call. This is precious time set aside to accomplish something that will help you achieve your long-term goals and it must be taken seriously.

lady-sitting-in-solitudeHowever, today it is also essential to find solitude to learn about your inner voice and what it is trying to teach you. Make sure to set time for solitude and make it a part of your daily routine. After a “focus block” take 10 minutes to sit in solitude. Sit and do nothing else for at least 5 to 10 minutes. Over time you may learn to sit with yourself and your thoughts for longer periods of time. This distraction-free period of solitude, especially after a 60-90 minute focus block will open your mind to new ideas and will also help you improve your ability to keep your attention focused.

By sitting with your thoughts and your breath you can digest your “focus block” and simply think. This will help you foster some of your most creative work. Otherwise, you drop the 60-90 minute focus block and get on your cell phone or jumping into the next project or email, completely leaving your focused energy without taking advantage of not only a bit of “me time” but also some great creative ideas that can help you stay motivated and ultimately achieve more.


Try practicing this a few times per week to keep your motivational juices flowing, and then maybe a few times per day to really see some dramatic results. This will not only help keep your motivational juices flowing, but it will foster productivity, efficiency, and focus.


Frequency is the number of occurrences of a repeating event per unit time.

Consistency is the quality of achieving a level of performance which does not vary greatly in quality over time.


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4 Ways To Stay Motivated In The Morning

Learn how to stay motivated in the morning. Build these four practices into your morning routine and you will improve your day-to-day levels of energy, focus, and motivation.

Eat Breakfast: Eating a healthy breakfast gives you the energy you need to take on your day, it’s simple science. Eating breakfast jumpstarts your metabolism for the day. When you skip breakfast you aren’t nourishing your body properly/ You can feel sluggish without a source of fuel that allows you to take on your day’s responsibilities.


Drink Water: Hydrating your body after a night of sleep has many health benefits. By staying hydrated you will receive some great benefits including increased production of new blood and muscle cells, promotes weight loss and increases level of focus and energy.


Stretch: Performing a 10-minute stretching routine in the morning. Stretching for as little as 5 minutes can help promote blood flow and boost energy levels.


Make a List: By making a list you are preventing the anxiety of letting your day control you. By making a plan to approach the day you will feel less overwhelmed. This will help you stay motivated and focused on continuing to achieve your plan throughout the day.


Getting Things Done – Balancing The Goals & Stress of Life & Work

“Getting Things Done Productively & Stress-Free 

Balancing The Goals & Stress of Work & Life

Presented by Doug Dvorak

 Speaker, Author, Consultant

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Ever wish you could push a nitro button for your performance? You have arrived at your destination.

Some people always seem to be in high gear while others stagnate. This invigorating keynote address will replenish the pep in your step. Being motivated can become a daily struggle. The motivation battle is compounded when you have to navigate around commuting stress, multiple priorities with varying deadlines, and a fast-paced lifestyle – all of which can crash your engine. Our jobs and priorities are constantly changing adding even more stress and confusion to our lives. Let me be your travel guide through a presentation aimed to transform your view of work and life. I teach the audience strategies to arrive at goals by taking the positive route.

This keynote address provides the tools and guidelines to manage stressful business situations. Improving your stress management skills and executing business strategies with integrity and competence is the beginning of developing and maintaining strong client relationships.

Program Goal:

Burnout is a major personal and professional risk associated with high-stress jobs. This keynote builds each participant’s skill in balancing the goals and stresses of work and life.This program ensures each audience member receives a hearty laugh, leaves with a positive attitude, and experiences navigating daily life from the optimistic lane. I make positivity the focus and provide the audience with strategies to combat stress by staying focused and putting creative work first and reactive work second. Energy goes where attention flows, learning to focus your attention on important tasks and positivity throughout your day can improve your business and quality of life forever.

Learning Objectives and Outcomes :

  • Be more intentional and strategic when managing your workday, as opposed to relying on intuition alone
  • The importance of setting goals & prioritizing them (strategizing your day/week/month/quarter)
  • Serve as a source of optimism and enthusiasm while eliciting excellence and innovation
  • Provide the resources and support to encourage positive thinking
  • Recognize ways to reduce stress under a variety of conditions/circumstances
  • Think positively and remain motivated during times of change including crises
  • Consistently communicate an inspirational vision
  • Proven methods of initiating and implementing change to meet goals
  • Sustain the momentum – Motivate the audience
  • Execute business strategies with a focused vision
  • The key to communication (listening carefully, communicating clearly & focusing on a solution)


The program will be customized for your event.

We look forward to working with you and your organization.

Presentation Style:

The program will be upbeat with the right blend of motivation and humor and the stress management, business enhancing messages you want your group to internalize.

If you like what I have proposed, shortlist my application and I will follow up with references and a sample article that includes some of the content I plan to share with your audience. I hope to have the opportunity to work with you and your team. I know this will be an impactful, fun and educational experience for every attendee.


As a seasoned Emcee, Doug understands the pivotal role required in making your event a success.

Here’s what Doug delivers as your Professional Master of Ceremonies/Keynote Speaker:

  • Speak and entertain as required
  • Facilitate program flow and timeliness
  • Create customized, content-rich material
  • Connect the group to your overall meeting objectives
  • Manage all contingencies


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