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“Dream On” – The Power Of Positive Visualization to Enlightenment

It may seem strange to some that dreaming can lead to enlightenment and improved motivation. While it may not be dreaming in the traditional sense (as you sleep), you can still use positive imagery (daydreams, if you will) to motivate yourself and achieve enlightenment in your life. Whether or not you realize it, you likely have room to mature in both your professional and personal life. You must always be learning and trying to achieve your goals, and positive visualization can help.

One Of Many Motivational Techniques


While most companies focus on communication, training, team-building, and incentives, they often neglect positive imagery as a way of motivational enlightenment. Other companies may do this without realizing it. For example, any message, theme, picture, quote, or slogan that is designed to motivate others can empower your team positively. The first few times they read it, they’ll think on it, ponder it, and come to terms with it. Afterward, they’ll remember those feelings and thoughts each time they see the poster.


Showcase Others

The whole point is for your employees to visualize their success and that of your company. To do this, they can view others who are successful or hear/read their words. Have you ever noticed that when you quote someone famous or someone who did something marvelous that others seem to have renewed passion and drive for what they do? It’s because they now understand that they could do the same things in their live and help others similarly.

Practice Visualization


Companies everywhere can help their employees do better by helping them practice their visualization techniques. While you probably won’t allow them to take a nap while they’re supposed to be working, you can still help them dream on by taking a few moments to help them visualize being successful with their next project. The power of positive visualization is very real and yields real results.



How a Cancer Survivorship Speaker Improves the Everyday Lives of Others

More often than not, a cancer survivor will provide your audience a new perspective on life after beating the disease. Not only does cancer cause physical changes to the individual, but cancer survivors also experience emotional and spiritual changes. A survivor learns how to cope with and overcome the challenges and fears they are faced with while fighting cancer.


A speaker who has survived cancer will inspire others by using this experience and new life insights when speaking with others. They will motivate, empower, and encourage their audience no matter what the situation is. A motivational cancer survivorship speaker will provide a unique story that can inspire others in many ways.


Teach the Audience How to Recognize Their Personal Strengthscancer-to-do-list


A person who has gone through a traumatic experience such as surviving cancer finds they are often stronger than they previously thought. A cancer survivor learns personal growth and the power they have to overcome difficult situations. They teach their audience about how to overcome bad situations and make the best of them. They teach audience members how to stay motivated and appreciative of the small things in life, how to have the strength to push through hard times and not give up. They will show you that you do have the strength and power to make the changes needed to live a more fulfilling life.


Battling Back & Tackling Your Problems


When faced with a life or death situation a person will learn not to worry about the small things in life. A speaker will teach their audience how to let go of the small problems in life. Audience members will learn to concentrate their efforts on improving their mental/physical health, relationships and meeting life goals. Cancer can and will knock you down before you get back up. However, you do have the strength to get back up and tackle your problems to achieve what you want out of life. Simply by putting one foot in front of the other day after day you will begin to feel and see the sunshine again. Battling and surviving cancer is a tough journey and it should be shared so that others can learn from the experience without necessarily having to go through it.


Be Inspired by a Survivor


Do you or someone you know need motivation in their life? Consider attending a presentation by a cancer survivorship speaker. Listen to the challenges the speaker has gone through to overcome their trials to better their lives. The presenter can teach you how to appreciate life and relate to others.


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