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Challenge Yourself To Change Yourself

Challenging Yourself To Change Yourself Brings Growth and Prosperity.



Innovation doesn’t come without a little change. Whether you’re hoping to revamp your company or want to focus more on the positive in your life rather than the negative, you must be willing and able to challenge yourself. The easiest example is weight loss related. If you want to lose weight, you’ve got to have the willpower to eat less, learn how to exercise, and do it regularly. It takes time, effort, and willpower, which are all challenges for most people. However, it is an excellent change that will bring forth the benefits of wearing smaller clothes, being healthier, and having more energy. If you would rather focus on the glass as being half-full, you’re already a relatively positive thinker. However, those days when you think the glass is half-empty means that you’re not seizing the opportunities and moment for excellence.

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Scared For A Weekface-fears

It is never easy to get over your fears, but when they stop you from doing your job effectively, it’s time to take action. For example, many people are scared of talking on the phone. They’re worried that they won’t relate to their clients or think they’ll fail or embarrass themselves. If you’re like that and you’re in sales, or rely heavily on phone communication, it’s best to focus on that, acknowledge it and do it every day (all day if possible) for one week. After that week, you’ll have learned more about your company, products, and customers, meaning you’ve challenged yourself to change yourself.


Your job position may offer a lot of excitement and challenges, but you shouldn’t think that you’ve got nowhere to go. Attending just one career-related seminar each month can give you a boost and reenergize your passion for your work. If this is a fear for you, refer to the pointer above to give yourself a motivational boost. Read a book about your career path. For example, if you are managing a team you may want to look into HBRs Top Ten Articles on Managing Yourself. Reading a new book will provide a fresh perspective on your career and may open your mind to new ways of doing things that will improve your life and/or your career.



Working all the time may seem beneficial, but it can lead you to burn out. It is important that you know when to stop working at certain points during the day/evening. Most people turn off their work-related things (computers, tablets, phones, etc.) and focus on family time or hobbies at night. If you don’t have any hobbies currently, consider learning a new skill or language. If you feel you have the most energy during a certain point at night you may want to focus on work during that time and downtime during a time when you have less energy. You will still be challenged and could change your personal life as well as your work life. Exercise can also be an excellent way to reenergize yourself during your “downtime”.

What It’s All About

Challenging yourself to change yourself is not all about work, but it does take consistent action and commitment. Whatever changes you are planning to make, keeping a journal and writing down the expected outcome derived from making the change can be a helpful practice. If you keep this type of journal you will quickly learn where you have succeeded and where you are simply failing. You can also look back at your journal and determine if your desired outcome was achieved or if a different outcome came about.

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Execute Against Your Strategy Without Killing It




Strategies are an important aspect of business. They are, in effect, a plan designed to give you attainable steps and goals throughout a lengthy process that would otherwise be chaos. In most cases, you use a strategy for everything you do, even if you don’t realize it. Whether you’re hoping to launch a new product or service, or something else, your strategy must be executed efficiently. Every department must come together and be one to deliver on their promises. This can lead to bonuses and higher stock prices. However, without proper execution, even the best-laid plans will fail. Learning to execute against your strategy is key to creating positive change in your personal and professional life.




Almost 66 percent of strategies designed for companies are never executed at all, and some of them are tried but fail miserably. The reason for such a high number of unexecuted strategies is that doing something new is tough. Whether in personal or business life, doing something new requires that you recondition yourself, forget about bad habits, and retrain yourself to do something different, none of which is easy.


Build Your Strategy To Be Executed


In most cases, execution problems start in the early stages, usually during formulation of the plan. It is paramount that you define and design your strategy with a definite plan and hope in mind. Likewise, you may also need to create a way for it to be followed and done correctly.




The company owner and their right-hand men and women shouldn’t be the only ones generating new ideas. Bring everyone into the game and listen to what they say (or read what they write). Remember Oliver Wendell Holmes’ quote (paraphrased): once your mind is expanded by a new idea, it can’t go back to its original dimension. This just means that once a new idea comes into your brain, you can’t un-think it and you can’t forget it.

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Likewise, you won’t be able to execute your strategy if you don’t hold everyone accountable for it. While you’re focused on the big picture, the little goals are also important. For one, you’ll be able to measure success, and other will feel good about themselves for completing the goal, no matter how small it is.


Plus, you will be able to show accountability better. If one department is responsible for one small piece of the whole project, they will complete it faster and more proficiently. Then, the next group can work on their piece of the puzzle, ensuring that everything previously done was correct.


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