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When Life Gives You Lemons Get Motivated

I have been asked by several large corporate management teams what I do when life gives me lemons. I always tell them the same thing, “when life gives you lemons get motivated”. If you can’t get motivated after a something bad happens in your life, your going to lose most of the battles you have in your life.

Life’s Disappointments Can Also Leave a Sour Taste

Most of us form early ideas as to how we would like to see our lives develop. In many cases, this turns out to be little more than juvenile wishful thinking since only a few have the determination to stick with their ideals and complete the process of turning them into reality. When you try your hardest to accomplish the goal you are aiming to accomplish and fail, life has officially dealt you a lemon! So what do you do?

Pick Yourself Up and Get Back On The Horse

Overcoming a setback is rarely easy to do; it is all too easy to concentrate on excuses and claims that life has been unfair. It can be quite difficult to comply with metaphorical phrases like the one above. However, there is one thing that can help us to overcome such difficulties and it sounds so simple – after we have been dealt the lemon, we need to get ourselves motivated towards the goal of overcoming it.

How Do We Become Motivated?

We all have the power to work hard and produce changes and that improve our lives. Unfortunately, most of us do not realize this and all we need some motivation to help us push through the hard times!

Here are some ways to become motivated


Use MindfulnessMindfulness & Motivation

Adopt a PMA (Positive Mental Attitude)Survive & Thrive with PMA

Read Some Inspiring and Motivating Quotes100 Motivational Quotes

Read Some Inspiring Motivational Books8 Motivational Books

Start Setting Goals1 Year Goals Setting Strategy

Learn How to Handle FailureWhat to Do When You Fail

Hire a Motivational Speaker7 Things to Consider When Hiring a Motivational Speaker

Adopt Positive Life HabitsHow to Stay Confident & Motivated with Positive Habits

5 Ways to Motivate Your Employees5 Quick Tips to Motivate Your Employees


These tools are designed for you. When life gives you lemons get motivated by using them!


If I Ran the World

It is a little presumptuous to come up with such a title, yet all of us have ideas of what we could do to make the world a better place. If I ran the world I would focus on the below to improve my life and the lives of my fellow men and women.


  • The Success of Others: All good leaders look at what they can do to make their people successful. Without everyone being able to contribute in a meaningful way the world simply falls apart. It is true of a business and it is just as true for a country. When leaders focus on job creation, building talent through training and guiding people so they can do better for themselves the world becomes a stronger more self-sufficient place.
  • Vision: To create growth we have to have the vision for how and where we want to grow. want it for everyone, not just a chosen few. When large corporations hire new management they look for the creative manager that has the vision the old manager(s) did not have.
  • Learning Gratitude: Being thankful is the best way to remain focused on being better. When the world can learn to be grateful for health, wealth and family, it can become a place where gratitude is prevalent. When you are truly grateful, your thoughts are more positive and you can focus that positive energy on what you need to do for all of the things you are grateful for in your life.
  • Dignity: Many leaders forget the importance of dignity. Treating every person with dignity and respect builds up spirit and helps improve performance. Respected people are people who feel good about themselves. They are contributors and play an important role in making things happen. Dignity for each person whether they prepare meals in a restaurant or clear the tables, balance accounts or pay the bills provides each and every person with a sense of duty and accomplishment that makes everything worthwhile.
  • The Golden Rule: Things start to fall apart in any society because people do not share common courtesy for each other. Respect has to be taught from the moment a child enters into the world. Living by the simple rule to do unto others as you would do unto yourself will allow all of us to live in harmony and avoid violence, hardship and unhappiness.


If only it were as simple as writing down a few words. If you read this blog, please try to practice one of the above principles today. Your life and mindset will change for the better and you may be able to improve another persons life at the same time.

8 Books You Need to Read about Motivation

Having inspirational tools to help you stay motivated can make a huge change in how you think and how you approach plans to meet your own success goals. Hiring a motivational speaker will allow you to learn several new motivational strategies and provide you with an array of motivational tools, if you have the time and funding. However, a more cost effective alternative is books!

Here are eight books you can read to help you understand the intricacies of motivation:


  1. How to Win Friends & Influence People by Dale Carnegie.

Very few people have not heard this title. This is the classic motivational read that looks at not only business but personal motivation as well.


  1. Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill.

The unique approach to this book saw the author interview 40 millionaires to tap into their success. The results surprised many who expected it was greed and luck. This book will introduce you to the secret of success.


  1. Awaken the Giant Within by Anthony Robbins.

Most people in sales know Anthony Robbins as the motivation guru. He is inspirational and many think a little annoying yet he is able to assist readers by teaching them how to use their mind and body like a well oiled, motivated machine.


  1. As a Man Thinketh by James Allen.

This book was written in 1902. It is more thoughtful than modern twists on aggression and motivation and helps you change your personality so you are trained to act.


  1. The Greatest Salesman in the World by Og Mandino.

This book uses a basic premise of living your life to the fullest to meet your sales goals while improving your overall success at life. This is great for sales managers as it also teaches you how to help and motivate others.


  1. Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff by Richard Carlson.

Now a common mantra for people around the world, this book teaches you how to declutter your mind in order to remain focused. With a clear mind you can learn to easily sort through the small stuff and put it out of your mind so you can focus on the things that are worthy of your attention.


  1. Drive by Daniel Pink.

A single word that says it all, this book shows you how motivation has to come from different places for different people. It is found in whom you really want to be and what drives you.


  1. The Power of Positive Thinking by Norman Vincent Peale.

This may very well be one of the first books to come out and say it is all about positive thinking. This belief is now the cornerstone of most modern concepts about a happy, healthy stress free life.


These eight reads will help you find your motivational groove.


Change is Simple When You Change Your Mindset

The idea that change is difficult is simply a mindset. If you learn how to change your mindset you can change your life. It all starts with your thoughts. Every thought you have is a direct link to change in your life, or the lack thereof. There are many reasons why your mindset affects whether you change, or not. In fact, research proves that your mindset is formed through several disciplines including education, neurology and psychology. Your mindset is formed by a combined interaction of thoughts and corresponding emotions and images.

Habitual Thoughts and Emotions

When your emotions and thoughts are habitual, a neural network is formed that regulates a mindset. It literally keeps you in place. This explains how you can master a habit such as reading, writing or riding a bike.  It is learned and repeated habitually so you do it without thinking about it anymore. Your neural network has the habit in place after much practice and repetition. The more the same action is performed, the stronger your mindset becomes about that action. Therefore, when you feel as if you are resistant to change, it is not that you are a weak individual, the strength of your neural network just makes you feel as if you cannot change. However, you can change.

Change Your Mindset

If you are willing to change, then you are going to be able to change your mindset. They are your thoughts, and only you can change them. Even thoughts that were formed due to an outside influence can be changed. By using your personal power of responsibility and choice, you can change your mindset and attitude. It is the last freedom a person has as a human, the option to change your attitude despite the circumstance you may be facing. Be bold, be willing and you can change your mindset and your life.

Positively Feed Your Mindset

A quick way to change your mindset is to feed the mindset you want to form. When you choose a positive mindset, it automatically weakens a negative mindset. You can become more positive by daring to dream. You can imagine new possibilities for yourself. In turn new neurons are created that construct a new neural set-up. When you continue to do this, a new neural set-up will grow stronger and surpass the old one in strength. Keep this in mind, when you feed the positive it makes the negative weaker.


Here is a great article on Positive Thinking:


How to Overcome Negative Emotions & Thoughts Through a Positive Attitude

There is no reason to allow negative thoughts and emotions to control your life.

Negative thoughts about yourself, your abilities, your potential, and your future often creates a self-fulfilling prophecy. For a naturally pessimistic person, learning to turn that negativity into positivity and motivation is critical for them to create the energy and environment for success.

On the other hand, if someone is naturally positive and experiences a challenge, or perhaps has a stressful emotional situation to deal with, it is equally as important to be able to recognize it for what it is, and then move forward to a positive mental outlook.


Focus on the Solution Not the Problemfocus-on-solutions

One of the biggest ways we get trapped in cycles of negative thoughts and emotions is by focusing on the problem, or on assuming there is only one solution and it isn’t working.

If you are able to focus on being creative, generating multiple solutions, and thinking positivity this will help improve your state of mind tremendously. By thinking about how to work through the problem you not only avoid negativity, but you can come up with the creative options needed to get back on track.


Acknowledge Your Skills, Talents, Gifts, and Blessingsself-talk

When you are in a negative state, it is difficult for you to see the good in anything, let alone in yourself. To start to become confident, positive, and empowered you must make an effort to get rid of all of that negative self-talk and self-doubt.

Start by making a list of all the things you are good at and that you consider your skills, talents, gifts, or blessings. They can be simple and basic, or they can complex. You can even write down things others have said that are positive and that made you feel good about some aspect of yourself.

Every day add at least one more thing to that list and spend time reviewing and thinking about those talents and skills. If you hear that negative voice start to enter your thoughts, go back and read the list and focus instead on using those positive attributes to help you resolve the challenge, change, or conflict you may be facing either internally or in any aspect of your life.


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Learn more about the Power of Positive Mental Attitude here.