3 Keys to a Winning Motivational Attitude

A Winning Motivational Attitude Leads to Success

Before you can begin contemplating your goals, you need to have a winning motivational attitude that will help you make plans and set a path for success. Of course, circumstances are always subject to change throughout the journey, and you may decide that some parts of it aren’t going to work or that you don’t want them anymore. However, maintain a winning motivational attitude is the reason why people accomplish their goals. Whether you want to be a better salesperson, or you want to make a significant life change, you need to be motivated first.




The opposite also applies; when you lack motivation, you can’t start new projects or may hop from project to project because you’re not set on one in particular. A lack of a winning motivational attitude usually results in poor performance. A winning motivational attitude is all about perspective. Keep these 3 keys to a winning motivational attitude in mind when you find yourself in a slump:



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The Need to Achieve

Once you’re motivated to try something new, make a change, or take on a new project, you require a need to achieve something. This need should be focused primarily on goals and improving your performance. You may also draw up the tasks you should be completing and have a way to measure your results.




For this to work, you need self-discipline and a sense of responsibility. You may also need to keep schedules and stick to them. In most cases, you work as a group (such as a sales team), and everyone has to be on the same page. Check up on your goals from time-to-time and make sure they are updated with any new developments. A winning motivational attitude starts with creating momentum and the mindset to get things done.


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The Need to Affiliate

The worst thing that someone can do is not tell anyone about their plans. Whether you want to lose weight, find a new career, or be the top seller at your firm, you need to tell someone else. Confide in a close friend, mentor, or colleague and tell them about your goals and objectives. Creating a mindset of affiliation with people you trust will help you to build a support system that will keep you motivated and inspired to accomplish your goals. The need to affiliate with a support system and a strong network of people will also allow you to gain perspective on the overall reasons for completing your tasks. Understanding the reasons for doing what you are doing is an essential aspect of developing a winning motivational attitude.


The Need for Power

While it may not seem like a good idea, the need for power can be a significant motivator. As long as you realize that you’re not the only one who is working on the same goal and don’t go overboard being a power-seeker, you can use your power and that of others to motivate yourself to new heights.



As the old adage goes, “With great power comes great responsibility.” Make sure you make great use of your newly acquired responsibilities to inspire those around you. Individuals with power are usually in highly demanding leadership roles which can have a profound effect on others. Ensure that your desire for power also benefits those around you. Not only will you gain their respect and admiration, but you will also have a supportive team that will have your back.





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The Devolution of Motivation and How to Counteract Self-Sabotage

Understanding Self-Sabotage

While devolution means different things depending on where you are, for those who are salespeople or anyone who must motivate themselves, it means that you motivate yourself well, but when it comes time to reap the benefits, you likely sabotage your efforts. Many successful people used to do that, which is why they had to learn how to counteract their incessant need to sabotage themselves.


Most people, regardless of what they’re motivating themselves to do, push back their plans because they believe the future will take care of itself. While the future can be a hopeful place to dream, nothing can change or happen if you don’t take steps to do it now. Some people call it devolution and others call it procrastination. Either way, it is the perfect way to sabotage all of your hopes and dreams and leave you wondering where you went wrong. There are ways to prevent yourself from procrastinating and sabotaging yourself when you do get a win.


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Create Lists to Stay on Track and Focused


Most people get so set in their ways that they can’t even imagine doing something different. While this can be a comfortable place for you, it won’t help you get out of your rut, learn a new skill, or start your weight-loss journey. Getting out of your comfort zone and taking on new tasks can be extremely challenging if you don’t have a plan for yourself.how-to-stay-motivation

Therefore, it can help to create a list to stay on track of your goals and objectives. Set deadlines for yourself and try to break down your goals into realistic portions so they are easy to complete.  Of course, you also have to determine which small steps you can take so that you don’t overwhelm yourself. Creating lists can help you to achieve your goals because setting a path of motion and momentum is the first step to counteracting self-sabotage.


Reward Yourself



When you do something that moves you closer to your overall goal, rewarding yourself is essential. However, make sure the reward doesn’t derail your plans, such as eating an entire pan of brownies after a hard workout. Not all rewards are equal. Choosing the wrong rewards can eliminate all the hard yards you’ve worked for. Some rewards just make you feel great, but rewarding yourself correctly can go a long way in keeping you on track.



Avoid Negative Thinking

It’s inevitable that you’ll have negative thoughts from time to time. An important lesson to keep in mind is how you react to those negative thoughts and what to do when you start to engage in this kind of behavior. Learn to monitor your negative thinking by writing them down. This will help you to gain a better understanding of yourself and the reasons behind why you do the things you do.


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Build Self-Confidence

There is no quick fix to building self-esteem and confidence. No one is born with an infinite supply of confidence. It is a cup that needs refilling at all times. Learning how to believe in yourself means taking charge of your feelings. Practice visualizing the best version of yourself and what you have to do to achieve this ideal future self. You can try creating a list of accomplishments and reviewing them. This will allow you to have some perspective on all your hard work and goes a long way when you’re trying to counteract self-sabotage.


Counteracting self-sabotage is an important aspect of goal setting and self-improvement. Engaging in behavior that is self-defeating distracts from your long-term goals and your ideal future. Self-sabotaging behavior will zap your vitality. Self-sabotaging behavior leaves you exhausted, unmotivated, and unable to utilize the energy required to live your best life.

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5 Steps for Setting SMART Goals


5 Steps for Setting SMART Goals

We all have moments in our lives where we decide to dream big and set meaningful goals for ourselves. Goal setting is a powerful tool for increasing productivity and can help you to think about your ideal future. But whether it’s professional or personal, we all find ourselves struggling from time to time to meet our goals.

Most of the time we fail to meet our goals not because we lack effort, but because they’re not structured. A better way to clearly define and organize your goals is to set SMART goals. SMART goals are specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and time-based.


Specific – Ask yourself what you want and define them as clearly as possible. Think about who, what, when, where, and why.

Measurable – How will you track progress and measure the outcomes? Attach timelines and numbers to your goal.

Attainable – Work towards a goal that will challenge you but is realistic and possible.

Relevant – How do your goals fit in with your short term and long term plans?

Time-based – Goals have expiration dates. Include a time limit to establish a sense of urgency.

Keep this goal-setting structure in mind when you’re updating your goals from time to time. And last…take time off to celebrate and enjoy yourself when you accomplish your goals! Carpe Diem!


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5 Motivation Mistakes Managers Make

5 Most Common Motivation Mistakes Managers Make


Regardless of what industry you work in, managers are supposed to make things run smoothly and keep employees on track. However, many managers tend to make mistakes, especially as they are learning or as they get too comfortable in their position. Learning about the five most common motivation mistakes that managers make can help you ensure that you nip things in the bud quickly and have a more productive and happy staff.




Most managers are there to manage employees, but sometimes, they micromanage by hovering over the employee or doing a lot of their tasks personally. These managers rarely let people express their creativity or come up with new ideas because they might be afraid of change or just aren’t sure how to implement them. They rarely have group discussions or let them be open for everyone, and they rarely motivate the team.

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Big Ego


It is important for your managers to feel confident in what they do, but when they get a huge ego, it brings about negativity. They feel like they know everything and the employees know nothing. Employees with good ideas are shunted or ignored, leading to being less motivated and excited about the job. 


Not Listening

Sometimes, managers get defensive or blame others when things don’t go well. However, employees may have mentioned various ways of making changes that the manager wouldn’t hear. Everyone should be involved in the problem-solving aspect. The manager shouldn’t just give answers to any questions and fix everything.


Not Caring

When a manager doesn’t seem to care about their employees, they dismiss their value. They may not care if an employee is better suited for another department because they don’t want to get involved.


Personal/Leadership Development

Most managers develop a mindset where they believe they are invincible and they neglect leadership development because they think it’s unnecessary.


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4 Ways a Motivational Speaker Can Inspire a Company

The Power of a Motivational Speaker

Inspiration and motivation work in mysterious ways. We often go through life not knowing where that next spark of ambition will come from. We can’t and shouldn’t underestimate the profound effect of a timely and encouraging message. Stories that captivate and enlightened us with fresh perspectives on old ideas can galvanize us to achieve things we never thought possible. That message can last days, months, or even years within our subconscious minds, which is why it is so important to understand how hiring a great motivational keynote speaker can add value to our personal and professional lives.


Hiring a great motivational keynote speaker that can express brilliant, creative, and timely ideas leave a big impact on the company, but most importantly the employees. Listening to a motivational speaker articulate and express our thoughts on hardships, motivations, and aspirations with personal stories and facts is an illuminating experience. Every organization deserves a professional motivational speaker that can deliver value and stimulate the morale and energy of the workforce. Here are 4 ways a great motivational speaker can inspire your company.


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1)Inspire Employees

inspire-employeesMotivation is a cup that always needs refilling. It is a dynamic concept that needs careful attention because motivation is not always an inherent characteristic of an individual. As with most things, complacency is inevitable. We won’t always have the same enthusiasm for things all the time, but a great motivational speaker has a way of inspiring us to do better because they are determined to change our attitudes about how and why we do the things we do. A great motivational speaker reminds us that it all starts with our attitudes. Encouraging your employees to remain positive through any obstacle they may face will boost their confidence levels.Their personal stories relating to the peaks and valleys of life work as motivational triggers that we all need to hear from time to time.


2) Reinforce Your Companies Goals and Objectives

An organization’s vision and goals need to be re-established every now and then because it is etreat-employees-respectasy to drift off course from priorities. There are a lot of moving parts to a successful company. The cohesiveness and integrated success of a company’s business is directly proportional to an employee’s attitudes and perceptions of a company’s mission. Employee’s need to feel valued if they are to carry out a company’s goals and objectives. Great motivational speakers have a way of linking an organization’s mission with the success of their employees. Motivational speakers reinvigorate a company’s employees by reminding them that they are valuable and integral to the company.

3) Provide a Fresh Outlook and New Ways of Thinking


Employees are often limited by comfortable routines. Work can become mechanical and stale if employees are not challenged or invigorated to think outside of the box. This is a dangerous cycle that can limit the growth of a company and prevent innovation. The carefully crafted words of an experienced motivational speaker can be the gateway to new solutions and strategies.  Motivational speakers can offer insights and suggestions that can influence breakthroughs and fresh perspectives on old ideas.




4) Improve Company Morale and Foster Better Teamwork


The productivity of a highly committed and enthusiastic team is truly an inspirational force to witness. Teams that coordinate well are motivated by a healthy respect towards the company culture. An insightful keynote speech from a motivational speaker can instill a greater sense of camaraderie amongst employees within an organization by allowing the group to converse with each other about what they gained from the presentation. A thoroughly researched and customized keynote presentation can bring unity to an organization by fostering healthy channels of communication. Great motivational speakers can unite a company by inspiring everyone to work towards a common goal.

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Why Hire A Motivational Speaker?


Hiring a motivational speaker shouldn’t just be to fill an hour or two during a conference. Your time is valuable. Hiring a keynote motivational speaker is an important decision for any company. Whether your company is large or small, a great motivational speaker can have a lasting impact on your organization. Your organization deserves a speaker that delivers value through meaningful story-telling, thoroughly researched facts, and a highly entertaining performance that will make engage your audience. Consider working with a certified speaking professional like Doug Dvorak for your next conference and you will surely be engaged long after the presentation is over!


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