Give More to Get More with Your Customers

I was traveling recently in Chicago and had the great occasion to have dinner with my cousin, whom I had not seen in a long while. She asked if I was up for Chinese, and I said sure! She recommended that we try New Star in Elmwood Park Illinois.  She mentioned that she used to eat here while she was in college. I’m always up for a new culinary experience.  Good thing I said yes! We walked in and every table but 2 were occupied. Nothing speaks better about the quality of a restaurant and their food than a full restaurant.


The friendly hostess greeted us and seated us quickly and within 60 seconds our smiling and enthusiastic waiter Ray introduced himself with a huge smile and immediately served up a hot towel for us to refresh ourselves.  I have eaten in many fine restaurants, but the guest experience at New Star was beyond excellent and memorable.


Observation 1:  Greet the customer with a smile and genuine enthusiasm and the table is set for a positive guest experience


Soon – within one minute, Ray was back. This time with some wonderful complimentary appetizers, pickled cabbage, cucumber salad in rice vinegar and some Chinese garlic rolls. A virtual feast in and of itself and we hadn’t yet ordered anything off the menu.


Observation 2:  Give the guest more than they asked for or expected and they will return as a repeat customer


Ray promptly returned with the menu’s, took the used towels and mentioned the evening specials and said, “please let me know if you have any questions. I will be back in a few minutes to take your order.”  He also indicated that the portions were very large. Ray promptly returned, took our order and the piping hot food was on our table in less than 15 minutes.


Ray was right; the portions were huge but more importantly delicious.


Observation 3:  Every guest touch point should be one of value and prompt and courtesy service.


If we follow the guest service golden rule and treat your guests how you would like to be treated and served, your guests will repurchase and evangelize for you.  Put the guest first and everything else will take care of itself.



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The Power Of Positive Motivational Habits In Life & Business


Have you ever met a person that constantly seems to be working towards his or her goals? Do you have friends or family members that are able to achieve personal and professional growth while still juggling all the challenges and day-to-day tasks they have to complete?

If you have, and most of us do experience these people in our lives, you are in the presence of a person who has learned to harness the power of personal motivation and use it to their advantage.

This is actually something that anyone can bring into his or her life. Adding positive habits that create intrinsic (think internal or personal) motivation is not at all difficult, but you have to learn what motivates you in your business and in your personal life.

Set Goals Based on What You Want

mistakes-in-setting-goalsToo many people get stuck in negative thinking and fail to turn it around to create a positive goal. For example, if you want to boost your sales setting aside 10 minutes per day to make cold calls is a positive option. Saying to yourself that you won’t waste time anymore is not positive nor motivational.

Setting the schedule for your sales day and checking it off as you complete the tasks is motivational for many and also a very positive way to make changes. Being recognized for increased sales or generating more qualified leads can create extrinsic or external rewards that boost the motivation factor.

The same is true in personal life. If you want to have a better relationship with your spouse, setting out what you want to do and breaking it down into steps or goals is going to provide to create a habit of thinking about positive interactions with your partner. There is power in positive motivational habits so make sure that your goals are set in a way that helps you create positive motivational habits.

By focusing on what you want, setting goals and mini-goals and getting to know what motivates you personally you can continue to add positive habits in your life that lead to success in life and business.

Let Doug Dvorak help your group, organization or company develop positive motivational habits that will help them in their personal and business life. To learn more about Doug’s award-winning presentations, visit the website.


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How I Went From Free To Fee as a Motivational Speaker

Free to Fee: How launched my professional speaking career


Doug DvorakI knew I wanted to quit my day job eventually and become a paid speaker, but I didn’t know where to start. I joined the local Toastmasters Club to help me develop and polish my speaking skills, but I wanted to speak to other groups and organizations around the Chicagoland area. I Googled “Free Speakers” and was directed to Andy Richardson at (The bureau was called Free Speech at the time.)

I decided to call Andy, and that call changed my life and launched my professional speaking career. I have never looked back.

Andy explained what is. Essentially, it is a pro bono speaker’s bureau for the Greater Chicago Metropolitan Area. It has sister bureaus in Milwaukee and Indianapolis. All three bureaus connect entertaining, competent, topical speakers with local organizations, associations and corporations that are in need of a speaker but have limited or no budgets.

So, I joined, paid a nominal membership fee of $35.00 and started on my journey to becoming a paid professional speaker.

The first year I was actively involved in, I spoke more than 35 times FOR FREE. As my speaking skills evolved and improved, I starting getting requests to speak and get paid. I was amazed; I never thought I could get paid to to do something I loved so very much – speaking.

It reminds me of a quote I heard several years ago while I was pondering my transition from Corporate America to independent speaker: “Find what you love to do and do it for the rest of your life – let your avocation be your vocation.”

I want to thank Andy and for pointing me in the right direction and helping and coaching me along the way. is a tremendous resource for anyone who wants to speak or to make a positive impact in peoples’ lives.

Even if you don’t have a desire like me to be a professional, fee-based speaker, you can still network, benefit and grow your speaking and communications skills through  Thanks again Andy and I couldn’t have done it without you!


Doug Dvorak is a professional motivational keynote speaker and humorist, based in Chicago, Illinois. He is one of the most well-traveled keynote motivational speakers available today. Doug has earned his spot in the motivational speaking Hall of Fame. In addition, he has been inducted into the International Who’s Who of Professional Speaking.


How Motivated People Grow

Motivated & Unmotivated Individuals

It is not at all uncommon to hear people complain about their job as being boring or as if they are stuck in a rut. These individuals go about the daily routine just going through the motions, often disliking their job and not feeling very good about themselves, their abilities or their potential.

The opposite type of individual is someone who is personally motivated. These people look at a job for its potential and they strive to learn as much as possible, experience as much as they can and develop as many skills as possible to the fullest extent. They see their job as a stepping stone and not a final destination.

The Differencedifference-two-minds

The exciting thing about people is that the first type of employee, the unmotivated complainer, can change to become a motivated individual. This all starts by setting small goals and seeing those goals provide a positive impact on your life.

Motivation of this type, which is internal and personal, is very powerful in creating the opportunities to grow. By tasking yourself with a series of growth challenges, you will find ways to become better at your job or to develop the skill set needed to find the job you have always wanted.

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Getting Started with Growth

The first thing that anyone that wants to use motivation to grow has self-growth-quoteto do is to develop a roadmap for their life. It should include both personal and professional goals. These goals represent the things you want to do, not the things you feel obligated to do.

Write these things down as your final goals. Then, look for small mini-goals you can set to help you to achieve the big goal. For example, if you wanted to learn to speak another language, you first need to find a class, sign up for the class, attend the classes and so on. Clearly define each step in your goal, setting a timeline to accomplish each mini-goal. This type of strategizing can make the difference between growing substantially and not growing at all.

As you work through the mini-goals, you will find your level of motivation increases. You will start experiencing a change in the way you see your situation, with opportunities to expand your growth in different areas of life. You will also strengthen your will power which will help you create motivational habits that turn into long-term success.


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Doug Dvorak is a professional motivational speaker who provides inspiring and motivational keynote presentations on all aspects of motivation and growth. Click here to learn more.


How Motivated People Win

Motivation is not the same as enthusiasm. Enthusiastic people are energized and engaged, but those who are motivated want to achieve goals beyond the level of just being excited. They are committed to working through problems and succeeding in spite of drawbacks and issues that may occur along the way. In fact, they see drawbacks as a necessary part of the process to help them win.

Motivated individuals are, by nature, geared to win and be successful. These are people with a focus on meeting miniature objectives to maximize the achievement of the overall goal. They can strategically plan how to win, and they have a level of creativity to work around problems and to see the diverse ways to reach their goals.

Internal and External Motivation

Learning how motivated people win involves learning a little about how they are motivated. There are two different sources of motivation. Motivation can be external, or it can be internal.

  • External motivation is based on rewards or, less commonly, on avoiding penalties or negative consequences. For example, winning a cash prize for the highest sales or earning a spa weekend for being voted as ‘employee of the month’ are sources of external motivation.
  • Internal motivation is something that is unique to each individual. It is the ability to challenge oneself, to strive to continually improve and grow as well as the desire to reach success as self-defined.

Internal motivation is a key factor for winning in professional and personal settings. External motivators are helpful, but they don’t have the power and the sustainability of internal motivation.intrinsic-extrinsic-motivation

Think of individuals who have overcome incredible odds. These people became winners in spite of the negativity or lack of support from external sources. Learning how to become self-motivated on an internal level is a powerful tool. Once learned, you can use this to chart your course to personal success.

Winning needs to be carefully defined. It is not always based on a specific, tangible outcome. Winning can also be in learning something new, becoming better in a given personal or professional area, or making steps towards your ultimate goal. With each success, you will find the capacity for internal motivation increases, which continues to support your efforts in the future.

As a highly recognized and sought after motivational speaker, Doug Dvorak can provide a path to developing motivation and inspiration in a workplace. To find out more, visit me at



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