Learning How to Stay Happy with A PMA (Positive Mental Attitude)

Did you know that the average person has about 45,000 negative thoughts each day or about 80 percent of all your thoughts? Most of your thoughts are stressful or unpleasant, and many people find that their brains work like a news channel, only reporting on the bad things with just a little bit of good, so you don’t get too depressed. Being aware of how much negativity is in your life is the first step in learning how to stay positive and happy.


How It Happens


Most people think negatively when they focus on the future or the past. The past is difficult because it’s already happened and you can do nothing to change it. Therefore, you should only learn from the past and not dwell on it. Too much dwelling on the past can negatively impact your performance today. The future can cause negativity because of all the unknowns, such as having enough money for next month to pay bills or where you’ll be in your career in five years. Staying happy with a positive mental attitude is important to your mental health and future success


Creating A Positive Mental Attitude


PMA doesn’t have to be impossible, even though it can seem like it sometimes. All you have to do is create awareness of your negative thoughts, break your spell and fill in the blanks.




Being aware of when you have a negative thought is the first step, albeit the most difficult. Some people do it without being aware, so it’s a matter of being more in tune with yourself. Try wearing a rubber band on your wrist and pulling it every time you have a terrible thought. You can also wear it as a reminder to focus on your feelings and see which ones are harmful. If you aren’t sure why you’re having that thought, ask yourself what’s going on in your life and how you can change it.


Breaking Your Spell


After you’ve spent a few days noticing your feelings and thoughts, you can start doing something about them. If you find you always have bad thoughts at a store or in a particular place, you may need to avoid that place for a while if possible. If it’s not feasible (such as when you walk into work), you may need to tell yourself that you like your job and coworkers or something similar. Whenever you have a negative thought, follow it up with a positive one, which can help your mental attitude. Over time, staying happy with a positive mental attitude will become a habit that will improve every aspect of your life.


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5 Steps To Improve Your Attitude

It’s possible to retrain your brain to improve your attitude, though it will take some time and it won’t happen overnight. While there are many success stories out there and many people telling you what to do and how to do it, a few simple steps are all you need, though you’ll have to be diligent about working on them and actually putting them to use. Work on these 5 steps to improve your attitude and you will see results.


1. Believe In Yourselfbelieve-in-yourself

The first step is to tell yourself and believe that you can change and to believe that you actually can. Without fully believing in yourself you will not succeed.  If you start out believing negative things about yourself, you will always lack the positive self-confidence you need to succeed, so believe in yourself first.


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2. Go Elsewhere

If you find yourself stressed out, it’s easier to blow things out of proportion and lose sight of what truly matters. You don’t need to raise your blood pressure or see spots before your eyes because you were cut off on the highway. Whenever possible, get yourself into a new environment to change your perspective. If you can’t break away from work or driving, consider meditation to help you go somewhere else inside your head.
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3. Reenergize/Refuel

re-fuelBeing hungry or tired (or worse, both) can be highly damaging to your thought process. Your brain will interpret a lack of sleep as threats to the central nervous system, which clouds judgment. Likewise, your brain can sense a threat if you are too hungry. Store up energy that can be used to complete current projects and help you be more focused to start something new.



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4. Identify Positive/Negative

It’s great to say you should always think positively, but that rarely happens. Instead, you may decide to identify both the positive and negative feelings you have. Make a list and then rate them as positive or negative, and then try to come up with more positives than negatives.

5. Reduce Stress

Venting is an excellent way to improve your attitude quickly and can be an outlet for anger and stress. Learning how to meditate and how to breathe deeply during times of high-stress can help to improve your attitude. Try using mindfulness to reduce stress. Here is a great article on how you can use mindfulness in your life: Use Mindfulness for Sustained Motivation.


How To Get Motivated & Stay Motivated

Learning how to get motivated and stay motivated will pay dividends to you later in life as you develop positive motivational habits that keep you focused and determined. Having the desire to stay motivated is a difficult task at times but can be honed and sharpened just like your ability to run. The first big step in determining what keeps you motivated is determining what you are being motivated for.


This means that setting goals must be a critical part of sustained motivation. In order to actually set a motivational routine, again, you need to know what you are being motivated for in order to motivationally prepare properly for the upcoming task or activity. Once you have a goal in mind you can start to mentally prepare yourself for the upcoming activity that must be performed in order to achieve the desired end result you had in mind.


Getting Yourself Psyched Up!


In order to get yourself mentally prepared for an upcoming activity, you can try some of the following.


  1. Visualize Yourself Completing the Goal

Visualization of future success is a great way to get yourself mentally prepared for what you are going to have to do in order to be in that position. Read more about the power of visualization here – “Dream On” – The Power of Positive Visualization to Enlightenment.



  1. Read a Motivational Book


I personally came across a great motivational book the other week by W. Clement Stone titled The Success System That Never Fails. Mr. Stone was said to be The Father of Positive Mental Attitude & Success. In his book, he listed 17 Principles of Success.


  1. Watch a Motivational YouTube Video


Sitting down to watch a motivational YouTube video can improve your motivational levels almost immediately. There is so much to pick from, there is always something motivating for everyone. Try this YouTube video that showcases Motivational Quotes by Pitbull The Rapper.


Completing The Goal & Staying Motivated

It is one thing to get motivated, but it is another thing to stay motivated. Staying motivated requires you to consistently reach goals and accomplish things. Once you have completed a goal you feel a sense of relief and accomplishment which drives your motivational levels and your desire to push forward and achieve even more.


A great way to ensure that you are reaching your goals consistently is to monitor and track your progress. Once you have a clear goal and strategy in mind you can start to track your progress in a journal. This will help improve your motivational levels by creating a sense of accountability as you are holding yourself accountable for your desired end goal when you write in your journal. You will be able to see clearly what you have and have not accomplished when you start monitoring your progress.




W. Clement Stone – The Father of Positive Mental Attitude (PMA) & Success

Mr. Stone wrote 2 seminole books on positive mental attitude – (PMA) and success in 1960 & 1962 – “Success through a Positive Mental Attitude” and The Success System That Never Fails”

The books changed my life and the lives and trajectory of millions and rocketed to bestseller status in a matter of months. These 2 Books on Positive Mental Attitude & a Success System to live a more self-actualized life will change your thinking and your life!

Mr. Stone – The Early Years

Mr. Stone was born in Chicago, Illinois on May 4, 1902. His father died in 1905 leaving his family in debt. In 1908 he sold newspapers on the South Side of Chicago while his mother worked as a dressmaker. By 1915 he owned his own newspaper stand. In 1918 he moved to Detroit to sell casualty insurance for his mother.

Stone dropped out of high school to sell insurance full-time. He received a diploma from the YMCA Central High School in Chicago. He took courses at Detroit College of Law and Northwestern University.]

Much of what is known about Mr. Stone comes from his autobiography The Success System That Never Fails. In that book, he tells of his early business life, which started with selling newspapers in restaurants. At the time, this was a novel thing to do, a departure from the typical practice of boys hawking newspapers on street corners.

From selling newspapers, he graduated to selling insurance policies in downtown business offices. His mother managed his new career and together they were very successful.

Stone ran $100 into millions with his strong desire to succeed and by putting into practice the principles outlined in the well-known self-help book, Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill.

Stone was a living example of the proverbial rags-to-riches protagonist in the Horatio Alger‘s stories he loved. Eventually, he became an ‘angel’ to others, lifting some from the gutter to the heights of success. One of his great success stories was Og Mandino, an alcoholic whom Stone took under his wing. The relationship led to a new life for Mandino, who became the publisher of Success Magazine.

Mr. Stone developed 17 principles of success that he practiced daily and shared and inspired millions to use the power of PMA – Positive Mental Attitude, to live a happier, more productive and successful life.


Mr. Stones Seventeen Principles of Success:

  1. A Positive Mental Attitude
  2. Definiteness of Purpose
  3. Going the Extra Mile
  4. Accurate Thinking
  5. Self-Discipline
  6. The Master-Mind Alliance
  7. Applied Faith
  8. Pleasing Personality
  9.  Personal Initiative
  10. Enthusiasm
  11. Controlled Attention
  12. Teamwork
  13. Learning from Defeat
  14. Creative Vision
  15. Budgeting Time and Money
  16. Maintaining Sound Physical and Mental Health
  17. Cosmic Habit Force


I challenge you like Mr. Stone challenged himself to practice these principles daily and see the personal growth that ensues.


Why You Need Motivation Today

Motivation isn’t just a nice idea; it is a real part of what keeps everyone reaching their goals on a daily basis. However, the level of motivation between people can vary drastically. Everyone knows someone who is highly motivated and seems to constantly be succeeding and growing. Most people also know someone that is just getting by, failing to use their skills and talents despite wanting to succeed deep down.

The difference is not in capability or capacity between the two individuals; it is all in the level of motivation. The good news is that motivation is partially an intrinsic skill that can be taught and mastered. Anyone can learn to tap into their own motivation and sources of inspiration to achieve their goals and fulfill their dreams.

To take a closer look at why it is important to learn to harness the power of motivation, let’s examine the changes that occur when inspiration is present. This is why you need motivation today.


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focus-on-being-positiveFocus on the Positive

Truly motivated people don’t dwell on mistakes or spend emotional and mental energy on the endless cycle of “what ifs.” They make a decision based on information, understanding and best judgment and then move forward with their choice. However, they are also able to adjust, redirect and refocus rather than getting bogged down. They choose to learn from their failures and turn their negatives into positives.


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Self-Satisfied and Directed

When people are motivated, they aren’t constantly seeking the approval of others. They are able to recognize their own successes by meeting personal goals and objectives. As they are not entrenched in someone else’s version of success, they are independent but also great at working as a team and sharing recognition.

Just as motivation provides self-satisfaction, it also allows an individual to be self-directed. These people don’t wait for a manager or a supervisor to suggest a change; they actively seek assistance, training or the use of new ideas to get the job done.


challenge-changeConfident in Accepting Challenges

People that are inspired to achieve specific goals don’t see roadblocks or crisis situations when their pathway may seem to have an obstacle. Instead, they use creativity and problem solving to work around the challenge, using alternative options to achieve the same goal. They are not defeated by a challenge.


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