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How To Shift Your Motivational Paradigm

What exactly is a paradigm shift and why is it important? The word paradigm comes from the Greek word “paradeigma” and refers to a set of patterns, methods, or systemic models within a discipline. However, in today’s world, the phrase is used to represent an individual’s learned values, habits, and overall outlook about the world. In a nutshell, a paradigm is basically what makes you unique. A person goes through many fundamental paradigm shifts in their lives that will forever alter their perception about themselves and the world they live in. It is that amazing eureka moment that can change your life for the better, but like with all things that matter to us, it just doesn’t happen overnight.


You can think of a paradigm as the architecture that makes up your life and your habits as the building blocks. From the time you wake up in the morning to the last few hours before you sleep, your paradigm has direct influence over the decisions you make. There are times, however, when we feel like we have become unproductive and complacent with ourselves and unsure of the direction we are headed in. It’s under times like these where we tend to make the biggest shifts in our lives and make the necessary shifts to the behaviors that affect our motivation for better or for worse.


Change is almost never easy, but almost always worth it in the long run. Learning to cultivate the right tools to succeed in our daily endeavors and learning to stick with those new endeavors will always be challenging but everything that is worth doing will always be difficult at first until you find your own rhythm. Here are a few vital factors to keep in mind while trying to make a major shift in your life that will help lead to a positive outcome.
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The Difference Between Motivation and Discipline


As individuals, we have to learn to adapt to the changes that take place in our lives. We don’t always feel up to completing our to-do list. Often times we wait until the last minute or when we find the willpower, inner strength, motivation or an energy drink! The problem with this paradigm is that we rely on “feeling” up to things before we get around to doing what we have to do and that is never reliable. Instead, focus on cultivating the muscle of discipline.

Motivation requires a certain mood to get started. When in the real world people have to do things every day that they’re not excited about. Discipline means doing it even if you don’t feel like it and therein lies the difference. You can flex this muscle and create a lasting shift in your paradigm of motivation by thinking about discipline as a series of habits that you cultivate.


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Routines As Remindershabit-loop-graphic

Since motivation is an emotion that comes and goes when it wants to, sometimes it’s not a reliable source. However, there is a way to hack your motivational paradigm by setting up a system of routines that trigger you into showing up every day. The reason routines are effective is because it builds off the concept of momentum.The familiarity that comes with a routine keeps your energy levels on a constant basis to help you accomplish your daily tasks.

Once you get the ball rolling, regardless of what it is, it becomes easier to build off previous success. Committing to an action and completing it also inspires you to get more things done because it builds up your self-esteem.



One Bite at a Timeelephant-in-pieces


How do you eat an elephant? That’s right, one bite at a time.  Focus on making consistent progress and tackling projects by dealing with them in chunks. It’s easy to get overwhelmed by something when you start thinking about it as a whole.

Shift your energy in the process! Remember your routine! If your goal is to get healthier you can set a goal to drink water every day.

  • Set practical tasks that are simple enough to get done, but are meaningful to your overall objectives.



Celebrate The Progress You Make

  • The biggest achievements in your life will be the result of the tiny choices that you decide to make on a daily basis towards the right direction.

Most people tend to dismiss these little victories, but a fundamental factor in learning how to shift your motivational paradigm is learning how to celebrate the newly formed habits that you’ve just created. The smallest shifts towards developing positive habits are like ripples in the pond of productivity.


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Get Motivated. Stay Motivated.

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How to Overcome Resistance When Motivating Employees



Learning how to overcome resistance when motivating your employees can help you implement energetic and morale boosting changes in your organization more easily.

Whether you’re trying to make changes for the company at large or for particular departments, you may notice that employees are resistant to change. This is natural! Employees will be resistant to even the slightest changes, including motivation initiatives. It is usually better to plan for change and use encouraging methods with incentives baked in to create change, but that may not always be possible. However, companies must remain adaptable to change, especially motivation initiatives, to ensure survival. Keeping your employees involved in the process will help them get through the changes more easily. This will help them overcome their resistance to the changes and will benefit you both now, and in the future.


Considerations understanding-resistance-to-change

Remember that change is a necessity for any company, but that it can threaten the culture of your workplace, such as core values, work environments and more. Fear is a natural response to change, even when employees will gain a lot more bonuses and options with the modification. It is important for you and your leaders to understand that there is a personal and professional stake in any change you decide upon.

  • Before managers can overcome resistance, they must be able to comprehend it.



Currently, you’re focused on motivational issues, but there are various types of changes that may occur in an organization. It’s important to understand the specific type of change at hand. This will make you more aware of how your employees may feel. When you understand how your employees feel you are better able to react and provide them with what they need to overcome fear or any other obstacles to manage change and make a smooth transition.


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What To Dowhat-to-do

If your employees aren’t motivated right now, you’re losing revenue. You’ve decided that change is necessary and wonder how to go about it. The first step is to talk with the employees and let them know that the change is a positive initiative for everyone involved. Set a schedule that will show them how this new activity will fit into their busy schedule without ruining their plans. This also gives them a chance to rearrange their plans and agendas to fit this new activity into their schedule. Be considerate and ensure that you are walking them through each step and providing clear direction and information on WHY this change or that change is being implemented. They must be able to see the larger picture and feel like they are a part of it all.


You may need outside help in the form of leadership or motivational professionals. Other professionals can come in and give motivational speeches or leadership seminars to help employees understand the reason for the change.


In some cases, that may be enough for employees to accept and embrace change in a positive and constructive way. Try employing different motivational methods to help your employees embrace the change if they are struggling to do so. You may decide to give everyone a raise or give them bonuses when they meet their targets, but you could also give recognition if they respond better to that (employee-of-the-month, etc.).


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Another way to reduce resistance is to allow the employee to decide how they want to be motivated. Let them give you ideas as to what they want. For example, you may think that a raise is the best option, but some peotime-for-changeple would prefer that you include health benefits for those that don’t work a full 40 hours or that you make changes elsewhere. Simply have a conversation with the individual and present them with options, this way you will know what motivates that person instead of trying to guess.

Learning how to overcome resistance to employee motivation initiatives can seem daunting, but it is a task that will pay dividends if done and managed correctly!



Stay Motivated! Stay Successful!

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Life is Short – Become Your Own Agent of Change to Improve Your Life

One of the hardest things to do in life is change. It is not impossible, however. You are the number one change agent that can motivate yourself to make changes in your life. Motivation needs to be renewed so it does not become a struggle to continue to stay on a positive path. This does not mean that you will never face depression or doubt. You can handle the negative better by using the following tips regarding confidence, focus, and direction to keep motivating yourself.


Bring Confidence Back into Your Life


Being confident is not something people are born with. The actual lack of confidence can kill motivation. This usually happens when focus is lost and put toward what a person wants instead of what a person already has. The human brain will come up with reasons why you do not have what you want, verses focusing on ways to enjoy what you already have. When this mind set is in place, negative thoughts occur easily and can break you down, and make you jealous of others while making bad choices. This is where bad impressions come from. To break free from the negativity, focus on gratitude. Take time to focus on the things in your life that are positive. List your strengths, successes, and the advantages you currently have. When you make an effort to feel grateful, it is much easier to see how successful and confident you already are.


Become More Focused


When you lack focus it literally stifles motivation. When you focus on negative ideas it can create fear. Fear can keep you from being motivated to attempting something positive that would take some guts like starting a workout regiment at the gym. Fear-based thinking needs to be refocused on a goal that is well-defined. A goal that is defined gives you a set of concrete steps that are measurable and keep you moving toward the tangible. This also puts your brain in action and allows you to create a successful plan. It changes worry into actions that assist you in forming a bright future.


Find Your Direction


Direction means you have a day-to-day plan and strategies that will help you achieve your goals. When you have no direction, you tend to lack motivation. Without these two stimuli you can easily succumb to procrastination and defeat. In order to find direction you need to identify a plan of action that leads to success. Every goal has a plan of action with activities that lead you closer to a positive outcome. To keep yourself accountable create a list and arrange activities based on individual results. Then you can make an action plan that will lead to a bigger return that keeps you motivated.


Doug Dvorak has been inspiring and teaching people ways to increase their levels of motivation for many years. When you attend his seminars you learn that you are the number one change agent that can motivate yourself and improve your life.