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Meditate to Find Motivation with Motivational Speaker Doug Dvorak

The art of silencing the mind is called meditation. Silence allows you to concentrate better and feel inner peace even amongst turmoil. One of the main reasons that people enjoy meditation is because it brings them inner peace and allows them to build motivation. Motivation and mediation go hand in hand. When you experience one, the other is soon to follow. The order does not necessarily matter either since they both feed off of one another.


Motivational Meditation – Quiet the Mind to Motivate the Self!

You can begin by meditating once per day and work up to twice a day to better motivate yourself. Silence can bring a sense of happiness that fuels your day in a positive manner. It is a great idea to meditate first thing in the morning so you start your day on the right track. Sitting silently with your thoughts and blocking out the outside world allows you to concentrate on what matters to you the most. By concentrating on yourself you are able to better understand inner problems and form solutions. Meditation can come in different forms for different people too. For some meditating can be a struggle to quiet their mind and just relax and breathe, while others find it easy to slip inside a silent world where peace is the center of attention.


Improve Your Concentration

Meditation is a great way to improve your concentration. People become more productive when they have a clear mind. This is especially true for writers that need creative discipline. Concentration can also help you become less bothered when it comes to little things. If you find yourself disturbed by little things it is not abnormal. The nature of the mind is to make small things bigger than they actually are. Concentrating while meditating can ease worries. You will learn to let go of the meaningless worries and look at the bigger picture. Meditating renews your focus and allows you to let go.


Enjoy the Benefit of Better Health

Your health is directly tied into how you think and behave. This is not to say those with serious illnesses have caused their own condition; genetics plays a role in health too. However, no matter the condition, meditation can improve your outlook thereby improving your health. Meditation can reduce stress levels and anxiety. Once anxiety and stress levels are reduced you can enjoy better health benefits. Meditating allows you to concentrate on building and maintaining a PMA (Positive Mental Attitude).


Know Yourself

When you meditate on a daily basis you become more in touch with yourself. You can get a deeper understanding of your inner self and the purpose of your life. Meditation allows you to honestly get to know yourself and helps you make the necessary changes that will keep you motivated in life.


Motivational Speaker and Leadership Speaker Doug Dvorak can teach you about motivational meditation – quiet the mind to motivate the self! Contact Doug to learn more about how meditation can improve your life.

BAMM – Bay Area Mobility Managers Association Motivational / Leadership Keynote Speech


Motivational and Leadership Speaker Doug Dvorak travels from Thailand to the San Francisco Bay to deliver another inspirational speech and workshop to 150 members of the Bay Area Mobility Managers Association.    

Thailand to San Francisco Map

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Can You Give Someone Motivation, or Do They Need to be Self-Motivated?

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Motivation is the driving force that causes the change from desire to actually putting forth an effort to achieve in life. Living in today’s society we all need that one person to talk to that will give us that extra push or give us the push that we never had to begin with. Often times, we find ourselves not knowing what to do next and need help at least getting pointed in the right direction. We struggle with the most cantankerous form of feeling which is doubt. No one is exempt from this feeling whatsoever including myself. No one is perfect. Even though I am a Professional Motivational Speaker, an American Motivational Speaker, an inspiring Speaker, and a Leadership Speaker, I too have had my share of doubt and have lacked self-motivation. I know you are wondering how can a person who is a professional motivational speaker experience doubt and a lack of self-motivation, and I am here to tell you I am human and once again no one is perfect. There are people who seem to have it all visibly on the outside, but turn out to be someone totally different on the inside.  Even the most motivated had to be motivated to get to where they are.

Motivation is definitely given, even to those who have the most motivation.  Regardless of wealth, class, gender, ethnicity, religion we all need motivation.  To get a person going that lacks self-motivation is to say something that is memorable. Most motivational speakers usually are successful because they get it. Majority of the speakers that speaks on motivation, have been through something whether it was a tragic event, a life changing event, or an aha! moment, it helped them to become motivated. Motivation is an inner drive that triggers an urge to act. As motivational speakers we are looked upon as leaders, some of us possess the ability to help individuals become self-motivated, it all depends on the strength of the message the speaker conveys and how it is received by those that lack self-motivation, which is why you can definitely give someone motivation.

A motivational speaker can make a difference if they say something people will never forget. It is important for every speaker and leader to leave a mark. We must leave our mark with everyone. To those who desperately want to be motivated, to those who are not seeking to be motivated, and those who are highly motivated; an extra word of encouragement and motivation never hurt anyone. So in all, yes you can give someone motivation, which will ultimately lead to that person developing self-motivation or helping to increase their self-motivation.

7 Things to Look For When Choosing a Motivational or Leadership Speaker for Your Next Conference

When choosing the right speaker whether it is a motivational speaker, a sales speaker or a leadership speaker, you want him or her to deliver a motivating and encouraging message that will entertain your audience, but will ultimately “shake some things up” within your company or organization. They should convey your company or organizations overall message to your audience, while keeping them inspire after the presentation is over. This is no easy task and it will help to have some specifics as to what to look for when choosing the perfect speaker.

In a scenario, let’s say you are looking to put together three different conferences in Atlanta, Indianapolis, and Orlando; and to make these conferences memorable to your audience you are looking for motivational, sales, and leadership speakers centrally located in those areas to cut costs, but you do not know what to look for. You do know that you specifically need an Atlanta sales speaker, an Atlanta motivational speaker, a keynote speaker in Atlanta, an Indianapolis sales speaker, Orlando sales speaker, and an Orlando motivational speaker.  Let me break down seven different things to look for when choosing these speakers for your next conference.

When choosing a motivational, sales, or leadership speaker the seven things you should look for is: Credibility, inspiration, humbleness, someone who will give the highest level of success, their process for change, their ability to exemplify new perceptions, and what value can the speaker add.

  1. Credibility goes a long way in the speaking business. Having a person there that has been there and that can relate to the audience on a personal level, in terms of their experience with the subject at hand or the hardships that has made them become who they are is what you look for.
  2. Look for a speaker that is inspirational and will set fire to your audience internally causing an everlasting effect.
  3. When choosing a motivational, sales, or leadership speaker look for humbleness, a speaker that will leave his ego at the door and recognize that it is not about them, but about the audience.
  4. Look for a speaker that has their own process for change that provides the audience with new ideas and tools to take with them to attain the goals that have been set for them as well as reach their own aspirations.
  5. Look for a speaker that possesses the ability to exemplify new perceptions. You should try your best to hire a speaker that will make the audience look at things in a different perspective, which give them a new outlook on life and their day to day tasks.
  6. When choosing a motivational, sales, or leadership speaker, look for a speaker that can add value. Choose a speaker that can give you more than just speaking, and provide more value for your buck. Whether that a speaker that does workshops and/or training sessions throughout the day of your conference. Choose a speaker that can work through the skepticism of the audience and ultimately win them over.
  7. When choosing a motivational, sales, or leadership speaker, look for a speaker that will give you definite success. Research past speaking engagements that your potential speaker has done, check their reviews, reach out to their references, to ensure that what you are trying to accomplish at you next conference will be accomplished.