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BAMM – Bay Area Mobility Managers Association Motivational / Leadership Keynote Speech


Motivational and Leadership Speaker Doug Dvorak travels from Thailand to the San Francisco Bay to deliver another inspirational speech and workshop to 150 members of the Bay Area Mobility Managers Association.    

Thailand to San Francisco Map

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Learn the Different Types of Motivation to Help Keep Yourself & Your Team Ambitious and Successful

When it comes to motivation, many of us have it, but there are some of us that do not. Let’s explore exactly what motivation is. Motivation is a strength that induces us to take action on things that we want to succeed or accomplish. For every situation there is a different motivator that may cause us to take action and accomplish a goal or succeed in an endeavor.

different types of motivation

Generally, there are six types of motivation fit for six different situations that people experience, they are: Incentive, Fear, Achievement, Growth, Power and Social. Incentive motivation is a form of motivation in which you are seeking a reward. Fear motivation, is a type of motivation that is associated with consequences. Achievement is a type of motivation in which you become determined to be as competent as you can. Growth motivation deters you from becoming comfortable and being stagnant in life, but allows you to always look for ways to change internally and externally to better yourself and your situation. Power, is a type of motivation in which one desire to control more aspects of their own lives as well as other peoples lives. Finally, social motivation is a type of motivation that a person gains when they feel the need to be accepted by others, generally a specific group. Now that we know a little bit about the six types of motivation, let’s look at the key to keeping your team ambitious and successful.

Motivation is a key factor to being a successful salesmen or women and building a successful sales team. The motivations that most sales teams possess are incentive and achievement, but those motivations often disappear throughout ones career if a person is not reaching his or her goals. A salesperson needs something else. As the head of the sales department you want to find ways to keep your team engage, determined, ambitious and successful too. The key to keeping your team ambitious and successful, is to encourage them constantly and consistently; if you find that hard to do because some people are simply not motivated, setting up quarterly seminars and having a motivational speaker come and talk to them is a great first step to keeping them ambitious and successful. You can even hire a very funny keynote speaker that could “break the ice”, and encouraging your team in a very fun and entertaining way to meet daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly quotas. Providing incentives on top of this, whether it is compensation, time off or another award, will give a boost to each individual’s efforts that are motivated by incentives. The professional motivational speaker hired to stimulate your sales force will also increase their self-esteem, social recognition, and overall the individuals potential as a whole.

Most people that are in management positions are seeking the motivations of growth, power, and social recognition. As managers, in order to obtain growth, power, and social recognition, you must first possess the motivation to encourage your employees. Your employees will be your ticket to growing higher within the company, giving you the sensation of controlling a specific team within the company, and even giving you that social recognition that you are striving to obtain amongst your peers. Another key to success as a manager is to make sure that the employees are being treated fairly and equally. By doing this, you and your team will remain ambitious and successful, because your team will be comfortable and will be consistently looking for more incentives once they have experienced their first incentives (most likely a big juicy commission check).

As leaders, the motivation that you are seeking is primarily social. How you as a leader are perceived in the eyes of the public will be a reflection of how your employees perceive you in the work place. As a leader, the key to keeping your team ambitious and successful will be to be a leader with integrity, this will automatically motivate your team because they will get that sense of belonging, trust, and pride while working with your organization. Another key to building a ambitious and successful team is to make sure you are an excellent communicator, and especially a great listener. With good communication skills you will possess the motivational power to influence others. By showing your organization that you care, whether it’s through a mentorship program, encouraging them, or allowing them to be a partner in the organization, your organization/company will not fall short of success.


Learn more about the art and science of motivation with Professional Motivational Speaker and Trainer Doug Dvorak, Certified Speaking Professional.

Strengthen Your Inner Motivation

Strengthen Your Motivation to Increase Your Inner Power

Motivation is the power inside a person that pushes them to take positive action toward achievement. The amount of ambition and desire you have power your motivation. If you do not have any ambition or desire to do something, you will have no motivation. Those that lack motivation do not have to suffer, however. You can build motivation from within and strengthen it. IM WHO IM, IM = MOTIVATION, is a phrase that makes a lot of sense when applied to your daily life and or business. You are who you are depending on your inner motivation.

Inner Motivation

Inner Motivation Provides Direction and Initiative

 Your inner motivation is what helps you achieve goals. When you have a vision, your inner motivation can become strong so you have a mental image of your goals and what you would like to achieve. A strong desire can manifest which awakens your inner strength. Your inner strength is what pushes you forth with the power to envision your goals as a reality. Inner motivation can be applied to many different things in your life that range from business goals to personal goals. When inner motivation is present you can accomplish things in which you have only dreamt. What happens if you have a tiny bit of inner motivation but not enough to accomplish what you desire? You find ways to strengthen your inner motivation so you can tackle your goals with clear vision, knowledge, an intense desire and the faith to see your goals through to the end.


Strengthen Your Inner Motivation

Some goals can seem to be too large. If this is the case you can strengthen your inner motivation by splitting your goal into smaller goals that are easier to reach. When you make smaller goals you are more capable of feeling positive about reaching them. It makes your goal easier to achieve and more realistic. Create good habits by finishing what you start. The smaller goals you set and finish, the better your chances are of finishing them and creating positive outcomes in your life. Find people that have some of the same interests as you and let them influence you in a positive manner. This will also help to strengthen your inner motivation. Remain patient, persistent, and faithful despite any difficulties or failures. Understand that you can accomplish what you set your mind to when you affirm positive actions within yourself. Visualize and affirm your goals with a successful outcome. When you live it and believe it, you have a better chance of achieving it.



Doug Dvorak CSP, can assist you in developing the inner motivation you need to succeed in your personal life and business with successful phrases such as IM WHO IM, IM = INNER MOTIVATION. Contact him today to learn more about his motivational seminars, classes and material.

Worry Never Works – Take Action

Worry Cartoon Face

Think about why you worry. Not the actual reason for worrying, but the underlying reason for ever worrying about anything. The reason is because it gives you time to think. Time to think about not doing something, time to think about changing the way you do something, and time to think about taking action! However, it doesn’t actually allow you or provide you with the tools to take action. Usually, we worry so long we become exhausted and lose control, preventing us from taking action.


Completely dismiss the worrying part and move into action. The worry is just nerves reacting to something your mind doesn’t agree with creating noise in your mind to prevent immediate action from being taken. Next time you worry about something, try to ask yourself, “What good can come of this worrying?”


Maybe you are worrying about money or a relationship. Stop and introduce the question above. See how many times you find yourself asking this question and you will notice how much you are worrying. Next, every time you find yourself asking this question, ask yourself what is the next thing that can be done to you’re your worrying by solving the problem. Take action!


The more you employ this type of thinking, the more you will realize that the worry never works. Worrying never solves any problems and often causes unwanted and unhealthy stress. Eliminate the worry from your life and take action, you will find a great deal of pleasure knowing how much control you have over your mind and the situations that arise in your life on a daily and weekly basis.


Professional Motivational Speaker, Trainer & Mentor,  Doug Dvorak.


P.S. – Most things we worry about never actually happen. 🙂

It’s all About Goals, Not Deadlines.

Which Is More Important: The Goal or a Deadline?


When you have your own business it can be difficult Set Goalsunderstanding the difference between a goal that is set for yourself and your employees, and a deadline. Of course a deadline usually involves clients and the need to make sure you are providing great services. But of the two, which is more important? Deadlines tend to carry a serious amount of stress for people. When goals are set in lieu of deadlines, there is a more positive outcome and feeling to the entire endeavour. As a business owner you can set more goals for your employees with a few rules that will help your employees succeed and work harder for you.


Set Clear and Obtainable Goals


As an employer it is important that you keep employee morale at a higher level. It has been proven that employees work harder for their employer when they feel useful and have adequate goals set for them. This can include goals that require task completion at the end of the day, or projects that require months of attention. The idea is to set a direction and focus on goals that will help your company succeed. Employers can set goals so they feel more in control of their company’s direction too. Of course setting goals is a great idea, but setting goals that are reasonable is imperative. Some goals can take a lot of hard work in order to reach them, and every goal set is going to be different and carry varying accolades.


Set Goals That Motivate


Employers need to make sure that their staff feels motivated to complete goals. This is very important or reaching a goal can be a burdensome task that is never completed. If there is little to no interest in the outcome, the goal itself becomes irrelevant. Work goals should be set that relate to priorities that are important to the company’s success. Give employees enough time to reach goals and they will commit to them with more faith and positive attributes. In order to make goals a focus for your employees, you may even want to invite a motivation a speaker to lead a meeting for them.


Make a Goal Action Plan


In order to assist your employees when it comes to seeing the entire goal and completion of it, you should set an action plan. This outlines exactly what is expected with a soft time frame of when smaller goals are to be met in order to complete a larger goal. Making an action plan for long term goals is perfect and helps you and your employees stick with it. A goal, and setting it, is an activity that is perpetually on-going. You can keep yourself and your staff on track by making time for meetings or reviews so you can review the completion of goals.


Doug Dvorak CSP, has been a motivational keynote speaker for companies that want to positively improve their business. Learn important techniques such as it’s all about the goals, not the deadlines when you utilize his motivational services.